Thursday, March 30, 2017

The first few tentacles to appear in the game :p

This is the final result, (of course, the in-game version won't have the watermark)! To be honest, I love it, but do let me know what you guys think! I like it so much, I'll shill for him some more, so go see his work here on patreon and here on DeviantArt! After all the troubles I went through, finding him was a blessing! I think there is no doubt at this point that I will work with him for as long as I can. Anyway, back to work.

P.S. This also works as spoilers for the new slime girl look, which I changed once I found a nice battler together with a bust and a faceset. ^_^


  1. Yeah that's some really good art. I hope you can keep working with him It's my understanding that good artists are hard to come by and keep.

    1. I should be able to keep working with him (we already discussed this). He is also unexpensive, really committed and speaks my language (he is italian like me), it's like a fucking dream come true.