Sunday, March 05, 2017

The temple is now traversable from beginning to finish, the puzzles are in place, and as far as I can tell everything works as intended. I still need to place a few items, though, and I didn't make as much progress on the fighting system as I wanted to. I have started experimenting a little with some stuff, but I didn't find a breakthrough quite yet. I'll have some elemental enemies, and I am trying to design some interesting play/counterplay with those, but it's still a little rough.
To do something to get my head off of this, I actually did some work on the planned sequel for Tales of the Drunken Cowboy. It's not the main focus, but I figure old time fans will probably appreciate knowing I am getting around to do some groundwork, specifically improving the combat, which was probably the weakest part of the game. The engine will now handle multiple enemies (but keeping the "quick actions" so no extra-clicks just like before), and I am planning more options (I might even expand with another weapon type, as well as secondary fire modes and special techs). I am also doing a much better job at organizing the content, that's going to make future development a bit easier.
I might do this every now and then, for a change of pace, getting super-focused on RPG Maker can make it feel a little claustrophobic (it gives a lot of freedoms and a lot of restrictions, sometimes it's boring having to work around the same limitations over and over again).
Well, I think I'll keep this short, hoping I am not forgetting anything, and I'll see you guys next week! ^_^


  1. Will TOTDC 2 be on rags as well?

  2. I'd like to use RAGS, it seems the best choice (and I have preliminary work done to export the choices from chapter 1 to 2, as well as the improvements to the fighting engine), but I heard someone is making an engine to compete with RAGS, and there are a lot of considerations to make, so I'd say it's likely, but not a 100% done deal.

  3. So when is the next release date?

    1. I thought I' d be finished between sunday and monday, but I got stuck on some testing (I changed a few things under the hood, and I played around with some combat mechanics), so now I am a bit behind the schedule (I only have some dialogue and a sex scene to write for a new NPC, though). Hopefully, it's all done by the end of today or tomorrow.