Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March update is live on patreon, february release goes live!

Like all months, here is a link to the latest public version. Sorry for the slight delay during this release!!AcZnzYCC!mqdqKgNUFquF0GMWkPrLDD9mv18s1N8n8LbnU0tJUZA

And here is the changelog:

Quest log entries for the search of the new temple as well as dialogues with Alpharius related to the quest and a way to discover the location (the temple itself isn't done yet, unfortunately);
A truckload of new maps (they are also related to the temple, I made them accessible if you discover where the temple is, but right now you can just explore them, rather than interact with them). While incomplete, you can get a preview if you are into that, as well as hear the tracks I have decided to use for them;

2 More scenes with Sonya, the casino owner, if you just can't stop staring at her chest :p;

5 more scenes directly related to the hypno pendant: a random encounter at night, a couple of NPCs with brand new scenes, as well as finally having the scene with Sonya, which unlocks a good chunk of content (see below);

As long as you have the hypnotized status when you talk to Sonya, you get all sorts of scenes with her. I think there are 5 in total, but it would be too long to explain things in detail, know that they are randomly picked, though);

"Unofficial" first trait "titty lover" (name pending approval XD). You get when you first talk to Sonya while wearing the pendant. Right now it just changes some of the dialogues (especially around the girls at the Queen of Hearts);

The portraits and the layered images got changed to the new art (let me know if anything weird pops up, missing parts, mismatched images with the text, if any of the old art is still around, etc.);

Two new NPCs: one is going to be a possible friend for the protagonist (she substitutes the old Gears vendor, has her own art, an intro when you first meet her, etc, but it's still incomplete), the other offers to enhance your breasts for the paltry sum of 100 gold per cup size. She'll eventually offer more than this, but this is enough for now. You can find her at the Bazaar, during the night;

The maximum breast size has been changed to F-F+ (I don't think I'll ever go beyond that for normal play, although some endings might feature more extreme cups).

This should be pretty much it. From now on, I am also going to keep a save file of the last release, so I can bugfix the public version too. It's the easiest way to handle this, even if it might mean doing twice the work (That's why I'll probably do it only for big issues).

Anyway, have fun, and look forward to the next release! ^_^


  1. After donating for the great Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, I can finally...FINALLY start to pledge myself to your Patreon. And I just did. And it feels wonderful. I wish you a great weekend :)

    1. Welcome aboard, and thanks! :) Remember to vote in the poll, it's still open for this month.

      Good weekend to you to! ^_^