Monday, February 06, 2017

I'll be brief

I'll try to keep this short, because it's late over here, and I need to go to sleep badly! XD
Anyway, I made 3 more hypno-pendant scenes, and I changed some text to give some rules about how it activates: to avoid having to write alternative dialogues for everything and everyone, I have made it so that the one who forces it upon you also placed a trigger on it, you need to be called "dumb cunt". This might cause some silliness here and there, as NPCs need to be super rude in order for this to work, but it beats the alternative.
I worked on a bunch of maps (the way to the new temple is almost complete, although still too empty to be released), and started preliminary work on adapting the new art to the game. This shouldn't be too difficult, but I'll have to also work on the portraits and a handful of missing expressions, as I didn't commission all the ones I am already using (I'll probably do some edits of my own, and eventually I'll cycle those out as I commission more of them together with other assets).
This is pretty much it, I am glad people seem to think the new and the old stuff can coexist, as that will make my life much easier! ^_^ See you next week!


  1. When did you plan for the next release?

  2. Should go live next sunday or monday, if nothing goes catastrophically wrong.

    1. So that's Sunday or Monday the 19th or 20th right?

    2. Nah, I should have released it two days ago, but adapting/editing the new art for the portraits took me longer than I expected (thankfully, that's something I'll have to do only once, at least on this scale). There might be a few imperfections here and there, but I can always rotate them out as I commission new art.

      Anyway, today should be release day, I just need to wrap up one scene. :)

    3. the drunk random encounter guy at night calls you a slut just like the sailor does. mabye you can do something with it as well.

    4. I was considering it, but I'd also like to add some different stuff, so I thought that could wait (it feels too similar to other scenes already in the game). I am also considering expanding the trigger words to force the players into other situations (like exhibitionism, or more subtle suggestions), so I might do it that way.