Monday, January 30, 2017

Mad Maps

So, I added 2 scenes related to the hypnotizing pendant (one is brand new, as the sexy interaction only happens if you have the pendant on), and I did some more work to prepare the temple. Turns out I might need to prepare several screens for it to be worthwhile.
This time around, you don't have Alpharius guiding you, so it shouldn't be as easy to get to the temple. I already know the (fairly easy) puzzle that will need to be crossed before you can enter the temple, and I already made two more maps (as well as worked on the logic for finding out about the temple and the quest log entry), but I am still struggling to figure out how many I should actually prepare (the new temple will be located on a mountain). I think I'll have some optional encounters in there as well (probably someone who lives alone in there, or maybe a tiny, hidden village, something along those lines).
The temple itself will play with some interesting mechanics (I already prepared the first puzzle, which will introduce it), hopefully it will be interesting for you guys to play around with it (it will also mesh in strange ways with the transformation you unlock there, so I'll have to double-check a few things, hopefully no weird stuff will happen when things finally fall in place).
I don't think I can get the temple ready for this month's release, so I might focus more on the new scenes and other stuff, the next 2 weeks, we'll see. It would be nice if I could merge the two "jobs" and maybe have scenes which change based on your hypnotized status with the optional content I am considering for the mountain (I have a couple of ideas for this).
Anyway, this should be about it (unless I am forgetting something, as I often do). Make sure to ask me as many questions as you want, and see you next week! ^_^


  1. So I've been trying to install and play the game, I have Rags and everything, but it keeps saying it's unplayable. Says: Object doesn't support property or method 'register'. What do I do?

  2. Do you have the 2.4.14 version of RAGS? You can find a download link for it on the sidebar. Other than that, it doesn't seem like any of the usual RAGS issues (you can find a list here:
    ), so I am not sure what this could be about. Did you try any other RAGS games to see if they work?

  3. Ciao, perdonami il piccolo off topic ed il post in italiano. Volevo solo farti i complimenti per gli ottimi risultati che stai ottenendo (853 sacchi al mese, meglio di certi stipendi che si trovano qua in Italia) ma soprattutto volevo ringraziarti per il tuo lavoro. Mi sono goduto alla grande tutti i tuoi giochi fino ad ora e sono super eccitato all'idea di vedere dove riuscirai ad arrivare con il progetto in corso specie ora che sei passato al livello successivo aprendo un patreon. Rimani sempre mitico!
    Grazie ancora.

    Un patron

    1. Grazie, spero che la cosa continui ad andare bene, mi servivano davvero i soldi, ero davvero teso quando ho lanciato il progetto su Patreon, ma finora รจ andato tutto liscio (anche se offline, tra la neve, le scosse e qualche problema di salute in famiglia, alcune giornate poco serene le ho passate).

      Non so se sono mitico, ma ci provo! ;p

      Grazie a te per il sostegno! ^_^