Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February update, last month's version goes public!

Here is a link to the new public version:!YVBSiK5T!Aji0nSnn6ood4jcIWMAxRVu2gEzAS5DQNL9j0o_k1EM

Here is the changelog:

Work at the brothel (needs lowered inhibitions, of course);

New area of the slums;

5-6 new scenes with the vampire (revamped progression, new nightly encounters, the original encounter has been vastly changed);

First two floors of the new temple (not explorable in-game yet, they are just sitting in the game files, gathering dust)

New scene with Gaspar;

Some warnings for the cow TF becoming permanent (Just one for now, but I hope the dream sequence is sexy enough ^_^);

a couple of new secrets around Tarkas;

And a fix for the scenes at the brothel as a customer (the screen isn't supposed to be just black, it should use the bust of the protagonist, as well as the usual flashing effects).

I also want to apologize if there is a bug here which was already reported, as I *think* I might have made some confusion with the two versions, and only applied the fix to the Patreon one (I am being a bit vague, because I can't even recall what the bug was, I just had this flash of memory about me not doing something I was supposed to do). Since RPG Maker doesn't export files I can edit like RAGS, it's also harder to go back and fix old versions (I do make backups, but I can't keep double copies of all releases in compressed and "workable" formats, it would be hard to manage very quickly).

If you want to know the changelog for the Patreon version... You'll have to become a patron :p (I actually don't want to copy it here, because it's very long, as I rambled on a lot on this or that addition XD).

I should update all the links pretty soon, but you can download it from here already (of course). Enjoy! ^_^


  1. Are you supposed to be able to mouse form into the basement window because I get the noise as if I used it, instead of the don't use this here monologue, but then nothing happens.

    1. I think this is the bug which I fixed, but then messed up and added only to one of the two versions (the latest one, available only on patreon). Since I can't hotfix the encrypted archive, I can't fix the old version now (and I need to encrypt the archive because some of the art assets I use require it -_-).

      You might have to wait until the next version. The "good" news is that there was another bug inside the basement, so you probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy it anyway. XD

  2. Yay, great release, I've been running into a few bugs, but I think most have already been addressed, mostly images not going away and I'm not sure what's going on with the basement right now.
    Also is there a new list of scenes?

    1. Glad you are liking it! :D There are a few hickups here and there, but things are (mostly) fine. The problem with the basement was that nobody realized it was supposed to be there but wasn't available thanks to a bug, then since nobody had gone inside, they couldn't see the other problems in it. I fixed everything for the next bugfix, but it's disappointing I couldn't share it with everyone so far (it's not this super amazing piece of content, but I liked the overall design).

      I am considering asking around for some beta testers. The monthly schedule doesn't leave a lot of room for rigorous testing, but having a few people with precise directions to the new content might be good to catch problems like this one.

    2. Sounds like a plan.
      Hope you update your scene list though, for some players to know that there is new content to find and unlock. And yeah, stuck at the basement as well. 'Shrug'.

    3. Well, I do release the changelog together with any update, and I usually mention how many scenes there are, but it's actually hard to do so properly:

      For example, in the last release, if you get into the "hypno" events with Sonya, she has some random orders she can give you every time you talk to her: one forces you to get nipple piercings, and if the random number gets pulled again, you get a scene where you go around rubbing your tits on the customers of the casino;

      then you have one random event which has you grow your breasts larger, and once you reach your max size, you get a different scene, and then there is a more straightforward third random event.

      It's hard to list all of this in writing, and in order for people to understand what I added, I'd need to spoil everything in the process. It's always been hard for me to strike a balance between letting people know something, and oversharing. :/

  3. For your release/bug fix issues, did you envisage to use a source control system? I personnally don't know rags well enough, but Something like SVN or Git (but Git doesn't handle binary files like pictures very well) could help you solve these issues more easily.

    1. I am using RPG Maker VX Ace for this game, but anyway, I have decided to make a copy of the development folder right after I upload a version of the game. I didn't want to do this, because it seems like a waste of space, but thinking about it, I can always delete the older versions when a new one comes out, so it's annoying, but not terrible (as long as I remember to create the backup).

      I had a friend propose me to use git, but for what I do, it's an overkill, and it would actually complicate a few passages, so I'll go for the simple, if roundabout, approach.