Monday, January 23, 2017

I am back!

Hey guys, it's nice to be back here (and not having to worry about freezing to death!). Things are still a mess in my country, but at least my city is mostly back to normal. Still, we are not here to discuss the weather, so let's move to the weekly report:
I added another floor to the new temple (which makes a total of 3 so far. I wonder if I should keep making 4 floors for each temple, but it seems a little too limiting, if I ever want something bigger/smaller, although I guess I could play with the floor size as well). The map as a whole is starting to take shape, although I'll have to eventually add the small details, and do some testing to see how it actually looks in-game.
I also created a "research system", which is a fancy way of saying I am making it possible to actually look further into topics you unlock while exploring the game when you are in a library. I had originally thought about having players "hunt" a little to gather information, by separating the various books into topics, but it seemed more of a time waster rather than a fun spin on the idea. I am considering ways to make it more entertaining, and while I can easily introduce random events while studying to give something to look forward to beyond unlocking information, I'd like to make the theme of the game stronger, so I am unsure how I want to tackle this one. The research system will also be used to find the next temple on the list, and I have already done the basic work here (I tried it out, and it seems to work just fine). The research system will probably also give different results if you are in different libraries (making it more worthwhile to try and gain access to them). I also have a "custom keywords" search, to hide some secrets here and there (but it will be completely optional, I don't want to play "guess the word" with the players for any serious stuff).
Finally, I wrote a couple of new scenes with the owner of the Casino/strip club, while I was waiting for the Patreon polls to come out. Now that the results are official (I'll work on more hypnotized variants for the various scenes), I can probably tie these two together, as a start, and add more to her interactions with a pendant-carrying protagonist.
Other than that, I didn't do much, considering the last week I was mostly without electricity, so no real way to work on my PC.
I was hoping to get a few sketches of the new art to show you this week, if that happens I'll happily make another post for those. Otherwise, I think we are good until next week.
I also fixed a bug, which made it impossible to access the basement of the tattoo parlor, if more bugs are found, I might release another bugfix (since it's not a major bug, I am not worried about fixing it right away).

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