Monday, December 19, 2016

Did someone say "hooker"???

For this week efforts, I worked on expanding the slums (the map is 99% done, it just needs the finishing touches), but I didn't add new NPCs, instead I focused on the brothel, so you can now work there. In a sense, it's similar to how spending your money there works now, except that it's random (you don't get to pick your customers, after all): when you meet a new one, you get a decently in-depth scene the first time, and a more generic one the second time. There might be space to introduce chain events, but honestly, I think this is enough for now. This is it for new jobs, at least for a while. I might expand existing ones, but there is no need to add more of them. It might be worth considering adding side activities, but we'll see (I'd rather focus on making self-contained experiences, or complete unfinished ones now).

Next on the list will be adding NPCs to the new area of the slums I created (we can finally meet our guide again!), and then I might take a break for the Christmas week (I am sure it will be a busy week, so I might as well make it official).
Speaking of which, the second artist which was recommended to me won't be free until after Christmas, so I guess we won't see the new art until the february release, most likely (if someone has other artists to suggest, though, I am all ears). It's not a big deal, since I actually won't see the payment for this month until the beginning of january, but I was still hoping we might get something for that release... Oh well. :(
Another thing which I will be doing, is add new goals to the patreon page (now that we reached the first one, it's probably time to add something to it). Aim for the stars, and all that jazz (hopefully it will help me improve on the game).
I didn't put together the giveaway for the patrons last week, but this seems the best week to publish it anyway (either later today, or tomorrow at the latest, I'll put out a new post for it). The theme should definitely be holiday related. XD
I hope I am not forgetting anything, as always, feel free to inquire, otherwise, see you next week! ^_^


  1. Are you planning on each job having an 'ending' that we can get to by doing the job a lot?

    1. Not all jobs. I also expect some of the ones which have a "story" to not necessarily have an ending, but will instead allow you to keep playing, perhaps with some changes or obligations (kind of how it is right now with the cowgirl TF, but less intrusive).