Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas report edition!

So, here we are! I hope you had fun during the holidays (although they aren't quite finished yet!), hopefully you got your fill of rude relatives for the year, and are good to go for a while. XD

As for me, I added the NPCs to the new area of the slums, just like planned. I am slightly behind when it comes to Gaspar, as I want a scene to play out if you meet him again and agree to go with him. He'll probably have more content related to him in the future, as I think I'll make him your contact with the underworld, eventually.

I am still trying to think about what to do with Intelligence and Willpower, but I think in the end I'll have to forcibly remove them from the game, as annoying as it can be (having 3 variables which are all related to dialogues, and which keep spilling over to other systems is just not good). Maybe I could salvage the whole thing by keeping intelligence and willpower strictly related to dialogues only, and switch the content to check for inhibition everywhere else, but that's the only compromise I can think of which would be doable.

Anyway, for the next week, I'll pick one of the unfinished routes to work on, and flesh them out a bit more (probably one among Carla, the vampire or the queen of hearts content). I'll also see if I can squeeze in some work on the next temple (so that I can slowly work toward expanding the main storyline).

This is pretty much about it, so see you next week, everyone! ^_^

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