Sunday, December 11, 2016

Busy week is busy

There is a lot to unpack this week, so I'll try to break it down in a list:
1: bugfixing
I have worked on all the issues reported so far. I'll wait a bit more to release the update, just in case I get more reports, but hopefully there aren't many problems left.
2: Poll (Patrons only)
This one was close, and there are just a handful of votes between the first place (expanding the slums) and the second (work on unfinished content). I figure I'll work on the slums until a new screen is added, and then try to do a bit of everything (I might even want to start working on the new temple, if I find any spare time, although the poll seems to suggest it's not a priority).
3: Artists suggestions
I had tried to contact an artist which had been recommended to me, but it's been almost a week, and I got no replies, so I'll have to look for one myself. If any of you have names they want to suggest, please, pitch them to me (possibly with a link where I can look their work and maybe their prices). At this point, I might have to wait until I receive the payment in january, but I still want to get in contact, and maybe commission a first work, to see how things go, so I would really appreciate if anyone could speed my efforts up.
4: Asking a favour
Something that has been on my mind is how to potentially reach more people, obviously. I don't think I can take care of more forum threads, though (I currently look after 3 forums, my blog and the patreon page). I figure people here like my game and/or what I am doing, so I would ask if anyone is willing to mention it in forums which cater to an audience which could be interested (right now I cover TFGames, Hypnopics Collective and Hongfire, but I figure there are many more places I don't even know about). This ties in to reaching the goal for the first time: right now, we are just a bit past it, and we depend on some large donors (anyone who is generous enough to give 25$ or more). If any of them have their reasons to withdraw or reduce their support in the future, we are back to square one, so I figure it might be a good idea to think of ways to reach more people and make it more tenable long-term. Not reaching the goal every time isn't a big deal, it would probably just slow down the volume of art I can commission, but it would be nice to not have to worry about it. 
5: what's coming up next week
Probably I'll work on the brothel job first thing (since it ties into all the requests so far, basically XD), and then start preparing the map for the new slums area. I should probably consider adding some content with Gaspar, although I am not sure if a quest would fit at the moment (I figure it would be better if I had a series of quests lined up for the "underworld" stuff). Other than that, it will probably be something kinky (I figure the slums need at least one resident pervert), but there are no strict plans to follow (it's going to be filler content, rather than new factions quest lines, since there are already too many unfinished threads left hanging).
This should be everything, but as usual, I might be forgetting something, so do let me know! See ya! ^_^


  1. About artwork, what are you looking for exactly. Do you want art to match the assets you already have, or do you want to replace the art. Do you want a Shojo style (sailor moon type), or a Seinin style that's a little darker? Or do you want something more cartoony like a Disney style (think Tangled or Akubar)? Also, for samples, do you want color, or is pencil okay.

    Just curious... :)

    1. I'd need something which fits with the RPG Maker style to an extent, so anime-ish, for a lack of a better term (so long as the clash isn't too much, it's okay to have slightly different art styles). For samples even pencil is enough, but for the final versions I'd need it to fit with the rest of the game, so it would need colors.