Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy new year!

So, it's 2017, and we have (probably) all recovered from our new year's eve parties. I hope everyone had a good time! As for myself, it was the usual stuff, but it's always nice when you hang out with friends.
As for the game, I added 4 new scenes to the vampire path (I also had to rewrite and move around some of the old scenes, so hopefully the events flow smoothly into each other). Once you go far enough into it, she'll start to drop by to your house for some nightly fun. I plan on it being a random chance, but I'll set it pretty high (50% for now), and see if it needs adjustment later on.
I also finished the first floor of the new temple. I am having some troubles on a puzzle I wanted to make, because it might conflict with the mechanics of the new transformation you should unlock when you reach the last floor (without spoiling too much, the temple is water themed, and both this puzzle and the transformation interact with water). I'll have to see if I can find a good solution to this one (there are workarounds, but I am hoping to figure out a more elegant solution, without having to rework the TF mechanics).
I also finished the new Gaspar scene, he ended up being the comic relief, but I am sure he doesn't mind. Also, I might give him a slightly more serious role if you get involved in criminal activities, we shall see.
I am desperately looking for an artist for the game, right now: I was hoping to initiate some kind of long-term agreement with one, but he said he is too busy for such deals, and by the time I resigned myself to not have as much consistency in the drawings, and hire whoever is available at the moment, he had stopped accepting commissions again arleady. I'll have to take a day or two and scout DeviantArt and other such places, hoping to find a good artist which isn't too busy.
Another thing that is crossing my mind, is to take an extra week, to make up for the lost time during the holidays: it bugs me when there isn't enough content in a new release, but let me know what you guys think, this might just be a personal thing.
This should be pretty much it for now, I don't think there is anything important which happened related to the game, so I figure I'll just keep doing more of the same, and then try to figure out if it's enough. Until next week! ^_^


  1. Maybe you can have luck in finding an artist looking on fiverr.com

  2. Thanks, I'll make sure to check it out!