Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Neutering insects (AKA bugfixing)

So, another update (this should be the last one for a while):


And here is the changelog:

The selected spell will appear as an icon in the top-right corner, instead of changing the cursor (hopefully this makes it easier to aim);

Using detect magic will cancel spell selection after it runs its course (now you also get an icon for its duration, so you know when the spell wears off);

Lowered "detect magic" cost;

Increased inhibition loss if you get "involved" with the sailor at the inn;

New, longer scenes involving being a bit of an exhibitionist in the baths (now walking in front the crack of the wall gets more interesting over time);

Bug fixed:

Spells you use during combat do not become active outside of combat after the battle;

Temple's first floor issue with spellcasting (appearing clone, moving to unwalkable spot);

Finally fixed walking off in the corridor leading to the temple (I hope);

The sailor won't throw you on the table anymore when you are hypnotized;

Fixed a bug with walkable walls in the inn;

Fixed a choice menu overlapping with the merchant's name in the outcast hideout;

I hope no serious bugs pop-up after this, it's about time I get working on new content for next month! I'll probably do a test run for a poll on patreon (this will involve only those who donated enough to earn a votes in the polls, of course) this week, but I don't think that should take a lot of time.

Anyway, let me know if I missed something, and see you next week for an update on the game's development. ^_^


Thanks to everyone who's supporting and liking my game, I hope it's going to be up to your expectations!

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