Saturday, October 08, 2016

First round of bugfixing

Here is an update, I think I fixed all the bugs that were reported, but if I missed something, do let me know. The bugfix list is as such:

Fixed double name input at the start of the game;

No more black screen if you leave the puzzle in the temple;

You can't walk through the walls in the corridor leading to the temple;

Fixed platform bug in the temple;

Spells descriptions aren't cut anymore;

A few spelling issues were fixed;

No more "infinite sex scenes" with the sailor during a single time slot;

Fixed a problem with stats recovery post drunkness when close to 0;

There might be more things I fixed but I forgot to list them, sometimes I go to fix something right away and don't think about writing it in my notes. Link is here:

Have fun! ^_^


  1. You can walk onto the walls in the second floor of the inn. Just be in one of the two higher rooms and walk towards a lower room and you are on top of the walls walking around.

    All the bug fixes seem to be working fine though.

  2. Thank you! No one had reported this so far! Fixed now. This was one weird bug, though, I should be more careful when I copy/paste a floor around. XD

  3. If you choose to go with the Outcasts and then talk to the merchant in the cell his text and your choice box overlap.

    1. Also in the cell the crack in the wall hints you should use the push spell on it so I did. Mana was used, but nothing happened. Not sure if that's a bug or if that path isn't implemented yet.

    2. Fixed the choice overlapping.

      The push spell seems to work just fine for me, did you use the mouse to click on the wall after selecting the spell? Since the cursor changes it might be a little harder to aim (I made sure to change this, so in future versions this shouldn't be a problem any longer). Since the spell uses mana only when you select it, feel free to click as many times as you need until you get a reaction. ^_^

  4. can someone help me with the puzzle in the temple? i don't want the solution, just a tip what symbol i have to build or all red buttons down/up?

    1. If you mean the puzzle to open the first door, you need them to be all pressed (they turn yellow when pressed).

  5. alright nevermind i did it