Sunday, July 17, 2016


So, I got a new version for you guys:

It fixes a bunch of typos, a couple of issues with the final quest (now you can pick up the blue keycard, and you should get to use the rubber chicken, if you have it and you enter the mansion in a certain way), a minor "plothole" in Jane's quest if you don't do things in a certain order, and any other bug that was reported to me *should* be fixed.

Gifs are still busted, so I'll ask it here as well: if anyone has a licensed version of the RAGS designer (best if it's the 2.4.14 version), could they load my game in the editor, save without changing anything, and then check if the gifs still freeze? I believe there might be a problem on my PC with RAGS, and I would like to see what happens if the game is "compiled" on another machine.

In other news, I got a 7$ donation from M.W. and a 20$ donation from J.B., thank you very much for your generosity, once again. :)

Not much else to talk about at the moment. I am learning a bit more about ruby, since I should use RPGMaker VX Ace for my next game, but for the most part I am being even lazier than usual, wasting too much time on Factorio (maybe I shouldn't play that one, though, doing everything properly almost feels like a job XD). I'll probably keep writing on sunday/monday, and of course I'll post something whenever an update is out. Until next time! ^_^


  1. In Darenzia's quest Aria is still bugged :(

    1. Damn, you are right! Maybe this fix got lost when I had the data loss a few months ago. Either that, or RAGS just reverted the change (it's rare, but I think it happened to me a couple of times).

      It's fixed now, but I'll wait a while before pushing a bugfix, there might be more issues still around.