Sunday, July 17, 2016

Web version is out

Here is a link for those waiting for the web version:

Note that it isn't compatible with old saves and currently you won't get a file to export at the end of the game (this might eventually change before chapter 2 becomes a thing).


  1. Hey there, could you check if the file is ok, every time I try to unzip it on mac it says its unsupported and doesn't work

    1. The file seems works just fine for me. Do you have problems with other 7zip file? Can you try to re-download the file and see if the problems happens again?

      You might try to download some of the programs linked here:

      (near the bottom, there is a long list, and some of the programs are specific for Mac).

    2. Thank you for your advice but all it says is that there is an error because a lot of the files have a "unsupported method" and it doesn't unpack properly. It did work properly with version 0.94. If you have any other ideas or methods to play the web version like a site for it, I'd love to know. Thanks for your awesome work.

    3. So, it worked with previous versions of the game? I didn't really change any settings, I am sadly having a hard time figuring this one out. Do you have any other device you could download the file to, and see if the problem remains the same? I am sorry if I can't help you more, I am sadly not an expert when it comes to Mac, so I have no clue on what might be the problem.