Sunday, December 06, 2015

Slow but steady

The title says it all. I didn't get a lot of time, but I wrapped up most of the map for the third part of the quest (I did need some more picture hunting, despite being sure I already had everything), I wrote the entirety of the dialogue with your nemesis up to the fork among the slave paths/final fight, set things up for another "encounter" and I did some stuff for Blanked (there is now an updated version which uses the 2.4.14 version of RAGS, as opposed to the legacy version, which should address some of the bugs that popped up over the years). I'll have to tackle a little thing I had forgotten to finish in the first part of the quest, and then I'll finish part 3, and I'll finally start writing the endings themselves and the slave paths. Oh, I also slightly changed the traps in part 2, so you'll actually be able to raise your indoctrination with them (it's the only part you can do that, outside of travelling with low MR). I did it because I felt like it was the easiest way to give the traps some more consequences, and because being at the end of the game there weren't many other ways to do so.

Anyway, that's about it for this week. I feel a little tired, I think I didn't sleep enough, I hope I'll be able to rest some more these next few days. Until next sunday! ^_^

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