Monday, December 14, 2015

Did I forget to write my update yesterday?

Wait, don't answer that... :p

Anyway, I have finished section 3 of the quest (yay!), which means I need "only" to write the ending(s) and the two slave paths, before I can test the damn thing, and officially have the game be "beatable". The little interconnected things are starting to pile up in the quest, so I'll probably be happy about it only when I get to a version the testers can try out, and tell me there is nothing broken, but for now I am still pretty satisfied we finally got this far. There are still things to worry about beyond the final quest, but it's going to be a huge lift off my shoulders when this one is done.

Not much else to say, it was a week about putting maps together, scripting/writing the events I had planned, but nothing unusual or worth talking about that I haven't already mentioned before. I am of course still thinking about what's left to do, and see if I can come up with better ideas, but overall I am not trying too hard, as I feel good about the current design I have in mind.

That's all for this week folks, see you all next monday sunday! ^_^


  1. On your "Future plans" page it says you'll "work on some other project, before going back to the TOTDC universe."

    Does that mean the next closed beta release date is the time to start a poll for the next contest theme and the next public release date is the time to start the 12-month time limit?

    I'm told paying Alburn not to develop Seraphim's Javelin may make me unpopular if I keep this up. :\

    1. What do you mean paying Alburn not to develop SJ? Why would you do that?

    2. The idea is to wrap TOTDC up before doing anything, then take a month or two off and maybe during this time show off the demos for games idea I have for RPGmaker and Twine (since I was learning about these engines, I had to work actively on something, which means that on the positive side there is something to show to people), plus talk about my idea for another RAGS game, to see if there is something people like. I am also considering asking people for a better way to handle donations/rewards. Ideally, it would be something that gives people something nifty, without fucking with my workload too much (and without making me feel guilty about my slow progress... A man can dream XD).

      That's the idea, at least, we'll see how it works out.

    3. ayyy lmao, I mean that last time I chipped in towards the prizes for a game contest on TFGS Alburn stopped work on SJ to make Beth, and Alburn's latest blog post says: "I'll be focusing whatever little free time during the holiday season on getting a contest game done (hopefully) and not much so on SJ," so if we all agree to sponsor another one starting quite soon Alburn is likely to put SJ on hiatus for another year. Maybe we should hold off until we get another SJ release. Don't want pitchforks and flaming torches on the lawn, after all.

    4. What are these other things and how does it relate to TotDC?

      Heard that Rags 3 (possibly) "breaks" older Rags games and introduces bugs that were never there before; rendering them near unplayable. Anyone experience this? Should I hold off updating Rags since TotDC was created in Rags 2?

      Regarding the other projects mentioned here by mdqp... Man, I'm really curious! He's been dropping hints here and there for year, probably longer! What little gameplay concepts that were mentioned before had been lingering on my mind and I'm looking forward to what the master gamemaker has in store for us in RPGMaker. I'm especially curious about the inhibitions "meter" (for lack of a better word) that changes how the character interacts with the world and how others react with the character. I just hope it doesn't use crippling computer processing power like some RPGMaker games causing them to be near-unplayable. For Twine, I don't recall any actual gameplay thoughts that were mentioned previously, but it sounds like he's getting ready to throw a concept at us; so, good news! ;D

      Well, the year is almost over so I just want to say happy holidays to everyone! :D

    5. Second-hand info here: RAGS sucks the sweat from a dead yak's balls and all the developers are spending their time converting games they started developing in 3.x back to 2.14 or whatever the last stable version was because it's easier to fix the bugs *that* process creates than to make anything work in

    6. By "other things" do you mean my bit about donations? If so, I don't have any ideas, actually, I didn't phrase it well enough, but I meant to say "try to ask people if they could suggest a better system compared to what I have now", because I think it's a bit messy.

      RAGS 3 is currently an absolute mess, and I am surprised anyone actively developed a game meant to be released on it. There is a reason I am still using 2.x, but I would say the main one is that Steve is obviously not hard at work developing/fixing RAGS, which means RAGS 3 is just a broken beta. I mean, 2.x has some problems too, and that was a much more finished product, you can imagine the issues with an experimental build.

      I am more than happy to talk about the ideas I have, I am going to write a post about it, since it's probably going to be long. XD

      Happy holidays to you as well. :)

    7. Meant Alburn's game. It was one I haven't heard about, or quite possibly, forgotten about. Alrighty, time to read up on that blog post above. ;) Hooray! Your thoughts about possible upcoming games! :D :D :D