Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome to the future!

Well, not really, but I am running out of titles for my posts (technically though, the present is the past's future, so I am not wrong). I finished the quest I was working on, no big surprises there, and I have started working on a new item, something with no practical purposes, and therefore something people will love! :D

Other than this though, there isn't much to report, development-wise, it has been a quite week, without any big leaps or sudden problems.

On the plus side, I got a 10 € donation from Alako (you rock, girl! ^_^).

So, I guess this everything for the most boring update I have ever wrote about in a while, I believe.

And now, we can talk about yet another anime! This time around, I go with a really famous one, so I will probably keep the review part really short. Ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about Dragon Ball!

For some reason, the english version has the same music, but not the same lyrics, of the japanese version

So, Dragon Ball, almost everyone heard of it, I suppose. While I like it, sometimes I wonder if it deserves the huge success it had. Anyway, I always preferred the first part, when Goku is a child, simply because it was way wackier than the rest of the story, since it kept revisiting old stories and myths from the eastern culture, mainly japanese (the main protagonist itself is heavily inspired by a certain myth). It's certainly a classic among action-oriented manga and anime, and it's worth your time, if you never got a chance to watch it (just a small note, I prefer the manga to the anime, because the anime has a lot more filler in it, which i find terribly annoying).


  1. DRAGONBALL! Yes you are now an amazing person :D DB is the best :D I love the intro its just so catchy and I always find myself singing it randomly :P

    1. Well, Dragon Ball is a good anime (and the first manga I ever read), it would have been weird to not mention it all. And the intro is very catchy, as you say! :D