Saturday, October 19, 2013

Questing, questing, questing

Well, more like just a single "questing", since I am almost done finishing one quest. I did the map, the picture hunting, finished working on the 2 puzzles I wanted for the quest, and the intro to it as well. I still need to write some more dialogues, add a little hidden reward for those who put some effort into exploring, and decide whether I want a quest log entry or not (it's relatively short, so I feel like it would be a bit of a waste). This quest might need a little polish, but I want to wait for when I have a closed beta, so that I can hear the testers' opinion, before messing with it (one of the puzzles is ridiculously easy right now, but it helps me distract the players a little, which is nice for a certain thing I want there). And this is pretty much everything I did with the game this week, nothing much to report. I wasted a bit too much time on the puzzles, because I kept making a dumb mistake, which sent me on a goose chase, but thankfully I realized what I was doing wrong, and once I fixed it, everything worked as a charm. The graphical side for the puzzles is a bit rough as well, but it fits with the setting of the quest, so it should be okay (and I can always change it after the testing).

As usual, once that the pesky formalities are out of the way we can talk about our common passion: intros to anime I like! This week, I'll talk to you about Cat's eye! *cue the intro*

I have no idea if you guys ever got this translated or not, but here we go anyway!

Cat's eye is the story of three girls having fun and breaking the law, but it isn't the TOTDC anime adaptation, surprisingly enough. The three girls are actually thieves, who steal works of arts who used to belong to their father, hoping to find some clue on where to find him (he has gone missing for quite some time now). It's basically sexy thieves in tight, and suspiciously '80s-looking clothes, stealing shit around. Their thieving activities are of course a secret, but what's more hilarious is that the boyfriend of one of them is actually a police detective. The cherry on top is the fact that there is MC in at least one episode, so everything fits! Now go watch it! (this anime's creator is the same as City Hunter, which we talked about last week, just to make it even more topical).

And this should be it! This week flew by, as usual. Hopefully I'll have more things to report next week, until next time!

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