Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I am so easily distracted...

...Sorry about that! This week I wasted a LOT of time watching/reading A Game Of Thrones (I know, the book series isn't called like that, but whatever). I like it, but I feel like the books aren't actually as good as I expected them to be (the writing is long and convoluted at times, and the whole "let's keep switching between characters" gets annoying really quickly, when the pacing is slow, and it keeps giving new characters to follow... And then someone dies, just because). The setting is interesting enough, and some of the characters have me intrigued, so I'll probably keep reading the series, despite some of the shortcomings.

Anyway, I finished working on the item I mentioned last week (since it works basically like the lingerie, I had to write various sex scenes, and I was particularly uninspired, so it took even more time). Nothing much else to report about the development, I really burned through my free time, so I ended up not getting much done. -_- -_- -_-

Since I am a shameless advertieser, though, I got a 10 € donation from K. A. (thank you! ^_^), and will keep my decadent lifestyle thanks to that.

And that's all there is to it, frankly. No video today, because I forgot to search for one I want to reflect carefully on this one, since I want to suggest only the best anime out there.

Until next week!


  1. What about this?

    A masterpiece, and THE ancestor of all mecha-themed animes.

    Lots of hot blood and awesomeness.

    Keep. going MDQP, given the premises i trust the wait will be worth the reward.

    1. Well, That's certainly a worthy addition to the list, no doubts about it. :)

      I grew up watching it (together with a bunch of other mecha anime ^_^), so I was actually thinking of mentioning it myself, one of these days.

      P. S. Mazinga Z รจ un classico, Go Nagai un mito, lo sappiamo tutti, giusto? :D