Friday, September 06, 2013

Sorry for the long wait, guys!

I kind of was hoping to get more done, that's why I kept delaying writing the post, but I just got absorbed in watching D&D streaming sessions lately, and it burned away most of my free time. Hopefully, I won't find myself so engrossed in them from now on, as I finally quenched my thirst for roleplaying stuff, at least for a while. As for the game, I am still in the middle of writing the follow-up quest for the photo shoot. I believe I did all the picture hunting I need (there are 2 other beauties together with Celeste this time around, so it took me more time to scout for those), and the beginning of the quest is already done. It shouldn't be terribly long, and I have a few good ideas on where to go with it, so hopefully next week I will actually do something productive and complete the quest.

On the donation side of things, I got 10 € from evilmonk (thank you man! ^_^), so I keep raking in all the money, just like planned, and will be soon the proud owner of a death ray thing that will totally help promote everlasting world peace.

As for the anime of the week, I am going to dig in the mists of times! Today I shall bring you... Saint Seiya!

Saint Seiya, where astrology meets brawling

So Saint Seiya's plot is about people wearing shiny, tight and appariscent clothing, beating each other up. It has good guys, bad guys, betrayals and intrigues, but strangely it isn't a wrestling show! It's an old anime, so if I were to watch it again today I don't know how well it would stand my scrutiny, but I have fond memories of it from my childhood, and I remember it making a good job in creating a tense atmosphere for the various fights. It had some cool characters, and while I can't really say the plot was anything great, it did the job of moving along the storyline, which is all you should ask from an action-oriented show like this one.

So that's pretty much about it! Sorry again for being absent for so long, I didn't realize I could like watching people playing D&D so much, and as I always do when I find something I like, I ended up focusing completely on it (you wouldn't believe how single-minded I can get, it's actually a bit scary, I feel like I should balance my life more appropriately). Until next week! ^_^


  1. Oooh D&D tabletop sessions I didn't know they streamed those, are they on youtube?

    1. The series I am currently following does, and I assume that's the case for others as well. The one I watch is called "Rollplay", it has good production values, and I find it terribly fun to watch. :D

    2. You mean by JP? I love those! Do you watch the dark heresy rollplay series as well?

    3. Yup! TB/Englebart is simply hilarious! XD