Thursday, September 19, 2013

Short post, for late update

I keep having troubles finding the time to work on the game. Nevertheless, I am more than halfway through the follow up to the photo shoot. I shortened it a little, compared to how I previously planned it to be, because I realized I have already a LOT of possible branching paths for such a small event, and I didn't want it to snowball out of control. I think it will be fun, I just have to come up with a nice way to balance some of the potential rewards I have in mind, the rest is more or less planned, even if it isn't in the game yet. It's a bit hard to come up with all the possible variations, but as I said, I shortened the event a bit, so hopefully I won't waste too much time on the writing (those variations are less interesting than putting together "normal" dialogues, so I end up dragging my feet along when it comes to them, especially since they test my limited knowledge of the english language, so more often than not they turn into a "copy-paste parade").

As I spoiled in the title for the post, I don't have much else to report, for the moment, so I can just move onto the next anime! Today, I will tell you all (I can remember) about... Galaxy Express 999.

Usually, I use either the original or the english version, but since I like the italian intro a lot, you get to hear it too!

Galaxy Express 999 tells the story of Tetsuro, a 12 years old boy, as he tries to get a mechanical body (usually very expensive, but supposedly given away for free in the Andromeda Galaxy) in order to achieve immortality. Along the way, he is accompanied by a mysterious lady named Maetel. This is one of the most depressing anime of my childhood. Seriously. Nothing happy ever seems to happen during the journey, and all planets/persons they meet seem to have some serious problems, and tragedy seems behind every corner. Tetsuro gets to take a long, hard look at what his future might be, if he accepts to get a new body, through the experiences of others he meets along the way. I actually never saw the final episode, And I currently have them all downloaded, but I am afraid to watch the series again, for fear of being disappointed. As a child, though, I loved it, despite its really dark undertones. I am going to endorse it anyway, just to depress you even more after hearing of my slow progress, because I am evil like that. Until next week! :P

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