Monday, August 26, 2013

In a perfect world...

...I wouldn't have had a slow week, but here it is, I got hardly anything done, damn it! It has been a weird mix of being busy, feeling lazy, and trying to play a few games I bought a while ago (it was about time for me to see if they were actually any good! XD). So I added scenes for when you go back to Verania and Florence, once you are done with the main quests there (nothing major, although Verania took a while anyway, to properly add different scenes reflecting the possible outcomes of the quest, and Florence allows you to relieve some stress together with Ashlynn, so I needed to do some picture hunting). Next is the follow up to the photoshoot job. I have a few ideas, and I believe it will be a fun little thing to play. My only problem was that I got side-tracked by an idea I had, related to the introduction of the quest, and I have been thinking about what would be the best way to deal with it, and lost a decent amount of time figuring that out, which slowed things down considerably.

On a positive note, I got a 20 € donation from C.W., which I managed to not spend on something silly yet, which is kind of surprising, actually! ^_^

And this should be all for the week. As I said, it was quite slow (sorry guys!). To cheer you up, here's yet another anime review! This week, I shall introduce you to ... *drum rolls* ... Slayers!

While I like the italian version, it's way too different from the original, so you get this one.

So, where do I begin? Probably from the flaws I know (or heard) it has. The english dubbing wasn't too great, if I recall correctly, so just keep that in mind. AND! The italian version was heavily adapted/censored, so I don't know how much I can trust my fond memories of this anime. With this being said, I do have fond memories, because I liked it an awful lot. It's the story of Lina Inverse, a sorceress with a short temper and an obsession for money. The plot gets a lot complex over the series (the series is actually composed of multiple series, but in Italy the first three were released as one, which makes it even more confusing), but to make a long story short, the anime follows her as she goes on her adventures (and blows up things along the way). I remember that the dialogues were fun, but (again) since the italian version went through a lot, I can't know for sure if the series itself was that good, or if the ones doing the adaptation were. Still, I will trust my inner child, and deem this series worthy! Now go and watch it, my minions! (I don't really have any minions, I am probably the less charismatic guy in the universe... I might make a great minion myself, though)

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  1. Your memories are not misleading you! Slayers is a good series - and a reasonable example of how most rpg groups/adventures go, to boot :D