Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Standard progress, despite everything

Hey guys! I know I have been keeping a horrible record track as far as posts go lately. I am a bit busy, as I have an exam coming up soon, and I didn't study all that well for it (I am an idiot, don't mind me), so now I am a bit frantic, and I have a hard time to justify to myself taking away too much time for the game. I did finish one of the possible paths on the follow up to the photoshoot. I think I got a really nice idea on how to reward the various possible outcomes, and now that the planning for all them is done (the basic outcomes are 5 in total), it should go smoother from here on. Also, the first one I did was probably the most complex, code and writing wise, so hopefully I will wrap this up soon. Nothing much else to report, as I have been busy with some family stuff as well this period, and time didn't really allow me to do much more. I probably made too big plans for this event, considering what it is, but hopefully it will make things interesting over multiple playthroughs (it's short, but it has a lot of different approaches available for players, and your choices in some events prior to this job affect various things along the way).

And I got a new donation this week! Kudos to L.S. for sending me 20 euros (I already spent 5 of them on a game on Steam... Damn, I am so weak... T_T).

With nothing more to report, we can focus on the main show, I guess: poor anime reviews!

Today, we have Urusei Yatsura to talk about! Please enjoy the intro.

What can I say? I am into old stuff

So Urusei Yatsura is the completely ridiculous story of Ataru Moroboshi, a guy with incredibly bad luck, and Lum, the princess of an alien race(?) which gives humanity one last chance before they take the planet by force: winning a weird version of tag (??). In order to win, Ataru has a stroke of genius, and steals Lum's bra(???) and then manages to accidentally propose marriage to her(!?!??!??!?!!!?). The plot, in case you weren't paying attention, is completely bonkers (although I might have made it slightly more absurd for comedic purposes ^_^), and it's all just an excuse to put Ataru in weirder and weirder situations. He is a lazy, lecherous and stupid, and just makes things worse on him with his terrible attitude. He is also petty and a coward, but despite all this, he manages not to be completely unrelatable (in fact, his misadventures more often than not will make you feel a bit sorry for the guy). It's an old comedic anime, with all the limitations such a series might have, but I still believe it's really funny, and worth watching. As always, I can't speak for the english adaptation, so I am going to blame any disappointment you might get from watching the this anime to that. :P

This should be everything for this week, until next time


  1. Haven't been reading for a while so it's great to hear that the game is still being worked on. Thanks as always for your hard work.

    Urusei Yatsura was actually my first harem anime, even before Ranma 1/2, and is easily still one of my favorite shows/mangas. The local video store near here had a few of the movies. As far as I know there is no English voice adaption for the TV series, but about half the movies have one and it's standard late 80s early 90s VO, great at times and terrible at others.

    1. Yeah, it's really fun, if a bit dated. In Italy we had decent VO, thankfully, although the quality was uneven here too, from time to time (but I heard some REALLY bad old english VO, I can't remember anything that bad around here).