Friday, August 09, 2013

Back on track... At my own pace.

Well, what did you expect from me? It's hard to get back into it all at once, I need to ease myself in, gradually! Anyway, I started working on a new side-quest. This one probably won't be sexy at all, but at least it should be interesting for the puzzle ideas I am throwing in (I had a different idea, at first, but then I saw Dollmistress's "Space Ditz action game demo" and thought it worked better than what I was planning. Since my plan was somewhat similar, I ended up adapting/plagiarizing part of the main mechanic... Although funnily enough, it still plays as my old idea, for the most part, we had more or less the same thought at the same time, I guess). I have done a good part of the puzzle, the introduction to the quest is done, the map is done, and the picture hunting should be done, too. I still need to code the additional puzzles, and the closure of the quest, and possibly tighten up the whole thing (I think is a bit dirty and quick, as far as the code goes, and the writing might need some care later on).

This is about it for this week. I believe the quest will be done by the time I write the next post.

On the donation side, I got some more happy players, who decided to make me happy in turn! ^_^

40 € from R.H and 5 € from amalgam (thank you very much, you guys are awesome! ^.^).

By the way, this is just a "what if" scenario, but what would you guys think if I started working on a demo for my next game, while TOTDC isn't finished yet? It would inevitably slow down my progress on TOTDC, but I was curious if people would be interested in seeing a new concept (I keep having ideas, but I can't use them in TOTDC, so I am getting a bit restless...) or not.

But enough talking about those silly games, let's welcome the return of my poor anime reviews!
*insert screams of ecstatic groupies here*

This week, we'll be talking about... Excel Saga!!!

I apologize for being unable to find a better quality video... I am sorrier than a drone beetle (whoever knows who I am quoting wins a cookie, but it's probably too obscure).

So, I debated with myself for a while if talking about this anime or not, because I am sure that a lot of people will hate it. It's choke full of absurd, over the top random comedy, so it's pretty much hit and miss (I also seem to remember that the US dubbing was atrocious, but I might be wrong). Still, I pretty much love it, it can be so I had to talk about it, sooner or later. It's about the story of a girl working for a mysterious organization which is trying to conquer the world. Let's just say that things don't go as planned (the protagonist dies and gets resurrected something like 3 times in the first 5 minutes). It's really, REALLY weird, especially the last episode (I can't even begin to explain it, so I am not even going to try), so I can just tell you to try it for yourself, and see how things go.

This should be it for the week, see you next time! ^_^


  1. Ciao MDQP,

    Today I won't bore you with ideas, instead.


    I think thats pretty summarize everything I love about this anime!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Impossible, how were you able to acquire the DollMistress game?


    1. I thought my divine nature was obvious by now! ...Or I might have downloaded the file when it was still up... :p

  3. First off I wanted to say great job on the game! It's fantastic! Second thing is, are you planning on adding more to the Melana(not sure if I spelled that right) storyline? That's my favorite part of the game so far. Again great job!

    1. Happy to know you like my game! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

      The right name would be Malena, and yes, there is more planned for her in the future. Depending on how things go, I might add more to her romance in the next release, but it's still unsure at the moment, I don't have any detailed development schedule, just a rough priority list.

    2. alright cool, also is the part where she talks about walking Celeste around the Red Light District where her storyline ends so far? Or is there more I'm missing?

    3. You can get a short scene with her if you give her the matching ring, but yes, that's about it, for the moment.

  4. Ahh Excel saga. I gotta watch you again sometime :D The entire show was amazingly funny with all its puns and parodies of themes. That last episode...god they went all out on that last one.

    Looking forward to the next quest.

    1. Yeah, I never thought I'd see something like that last episode (case in point, it wasn't aired in my country, and I had to watch it online! ^_^).

      Hopefully, it will be a nice quest to play. I am trying to make the design of the side quests more compact, and avoid long adventures, because as I said way too many times already, I should really start to wrap things up. Then again, I always end up adding more than what I plan to, so it's entirely my fault I fell behind the schedule... -_-