Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We don't need no questification...

...Becuase it's already done! The quest is done, the basic testing of it is done, and I added one new scene for the lingerie! Round of claps, everyone! It only took 2-3 weeks more than it should have! ^_^

The quest will probably need some polishing later on, but it will have to wait until I have a new closed release, so that I can get some feedback from my testers. I feel like a couple of ideas will need some tweaking, because they were planned at the beginning of the quest, but as I changed a few things here and there, the pacing of the quest got affected, and it kind of "speed up" the whole experience, making part of the gameplay not as fleshed out as it could have been. It also has a fair number of possible approaches, which means beta-testing will bring in a TON of bugs, I am sure.

From, now on it's going to be one more scene for the lingerie, and then trim down the "minor stuff" list a bit more, followed by a new quest, probably. I really should get around completing Verania afterward, and working a bit more on Malena's romance, but priorities aren't my strong suite, so I'll probably end up derailing my own plans in the worst way possible.

On a side note, I got a 10$ donation from C.Q., and I may or may not have received a 50 euros bill through the mail, because people are just so dead set on giving me money, that not even a lack of paypal can stop them (thank you very much, C.)! I also accept gold bars, FYI, so if you are short on cash, there are other viable options out there... :D

But anyway, back to the derailing part! Here is yet another video, for people who want to get distracted by my deep (not really) knowledge of anime. Our featured intro of the week is Kare Kano (AKA his and her circumstances)!

It's from Gainax, so you already know it's going to be as weird as shit!

I read the manga and watched the anime, and they are both really good (I don't recall them diverging too much, but the anime does the slapstick better, obviously, while the manga has a better pace, even more obviously). It's a classic japanese high-school setting, but it's both hilariously fun, and dead serious, which is not as common. I think the comedy in it is really high quality, and it manages to put some interesting character development in it. There is a lot of variety in the characters, and they are all flawed in some way, which is what the anime explores in the more serious bits. I think it's nice, and might be worth a look.

Sub-trivia: Gainax is also responsible for the Princess Maker series, which not only inspired the first version of "Slave Maker", but also happen to count Princess Maker 2 among its ranks, which is a game I like an awful lot (there is also going to be a fan made translation of PM5, so I can finally play another chapter in the series!).

So this is all for the week! Good night, and good luck.


  1. Kare Kano is an amazing show. IIRC the anime and manga diverged a little at the end of the anime and the manga continued on.

    1. It really is. ^_^

      Yeah, I kind of imagined that. I never got to see the end of the anime, but I read the manga from start to finish, and I assumed no big differences would be there, since they are exactly the same almost, and that kind of story didn't strike me as something that could be so easily derailed.

  2. Choo-choo! Yay for derailments!

    Beta-testers are GO! (While the rest of us are chomping at the bits...)

    Thought the PM5 project was dead. Glad to hear that it isn't. So when it's done, you let ME know, okay? I don't care if you tell other people or not (we can even keep that a secret from the others), but just make sure you hit me up on it. Don't forget!

    Last girlfriend mentioned this anime (but I never watched it) but it brought to mind an anime called "Lovely Complex". It was tossed my way by a different girl. I think she was trying to drive a point into my thick head. I thought that show was hilarious, serious, and great. So if you haven't heard of it, then you might want to consider picking it up.

    Btw, great game. Tried many different things within it and I'm still uncovering new stuff. I dig the mini-games. I'd like to see more entries in the Extranet though. This post is by that Commercial District (Crash) Guy, CDG, that first wandered onto the Drunken Cowboy a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Since I bring them, the derailments are actually "canon" by now. XD

      Well, they will be "GO!", once I add more content and release another closed beta. It's not just public releases that come out slow, my beta testers get to wait a lot in-between releases (having a release for a single quest is usually a waste of time: uploading the file, writing the notes, wait for the feedback, etc.).

      Lovely complex is nice. I read the manga (I have always been more of a read, so it's usually mangas for me, rather than anime, but it's not something set in stone), but I'd say Kare Kano is better (opinions, opinions :P), so I'd suggest you give it a go, if you have a chance.

      Great to know you are still playing it and finding new stuff! :D

      Since you stuck around for so long, you might want to pick a nickname. It's not like you have to sign up to use one (even GDC would be perfectly fine), so that we don't need to keep referencing your old comments (Almost all comments are anonymous, so I never know if I am talking with the same people or not... -_-).

    2. I also forgot to tell you: the PM5 translation project is about 84% done, according to the wiki, so a release before the end of the year seems plausible.

    3. I picked up a DS and Elite Beat Agents recently... so everything's been "GO!!" (with double exclamation points) lately. ^^'
      Phew, made the save, but only just which caused me to refrain listing a slew of examples of how "GO!!!" things can be... Hmm, I'm noticing a power creep there.

      Will put Karo Kano on the list of things to watch. ;)

      After looking around, I was thinking of PM4 actually. I don't know much about PM5. It sounds interesting; though, after reading the wiki I'm also very interested in playing the first PM. Heh. Just keep me informed, brother, and to others if you must. ;p

      --CDG, or GDC... oh, I know! CDGGDC :D

    4. I guess all the cool kids are "GO!!" today. :P

      You won't regret giving Kare Kano a... "GO!!", I am sure. XD

      Yes the PM4 translation project was around for a while, but never got anywhere, if I remember correctly. Hell, even this one had tons of troubles, but they are really dedicated, and it looks like they managed to to reach the point where it's going to be finished, one way or the other.

    5. Just plugged your game some more including this one which I thought I wrote fairly well if I do say so myself (which includes how to get past the first maze-like obstacle):

      Honestly, one day I should make a real account for use over all these blogs instead of coming up a bunch of fake names and addresses. ^^'

    6. Good, good, my minions! Soon, there will be no website on the internet without a thread about my game! People from around the globe will come here and send me money, thus joining our might army! Mwuah-uah-uah-ah!

      On a slighty serious note, thanks for the shameless plug. There is never enough publicity, I am told. :D

      Yeah, you should definitely pick a nickname and stick with it, for the good of all things, but mainly to make it easier to me to understand if I am talking to you or not! XD

  3. Awesome video! Can you give me the link to the manga and anime?

    Will you be making stuff for side quests in your game, or is it already done?

    What about romance and dating? Will you be expanding that? Make it more in depth?

    1. Me again!
      I forgot to say: please give me the link of PM3 if you have it. I had no luck finding it online.

    2. I have no idea where to find the anime, but I am sure you can find the manga over at (just search Kare Kano, and it should pop up immediately).

      The game is still far from done, and I am still working on the main quest and the side quests.

      Romances will be expanded, surely, but I must admit I don't have a clear idea on where they'll go, because I didn't have specifics plans for them, when I started. In fact, I had an idea just for Piper (which still doesn't have her own romance added to the game, ironically), but people seemed to be interested in having more choices, so I told myself "why not?" and added them in the game. It's a bit tricky, because I feel romances are generally hard to write, but we'll see how it goes.

      I have no links for PM3. Do you speak japanese, korean or chinese? Because PM2 is the only one who was translated, so far, and the fanmade translation I talked about is for PM5, and isn't even completed yet.

      If it's PM2 you are looking for, you can find it on (you need dosbox to run it, though).

    3. Thank you for your reply, and for making such an awesome game!
      And I found the manga, so I will be reading up on it. Thanks to you.

      And about romances. I forgot their names so I will refer to them by their nicknames.
      The mind reader, the engineer, the pipe girl and paris hilton could all be romanced and dated, right?
      So I was thinking that if you have maximum points on the girl of your choice, then after the games ending we could get to see what happens to you and your lover. If you have maximum points with one of them than you could be married. If it is lower than maxumum then you will be a couple and continue going on dates. If it is even lower than that then you will be just friends.
      It's just an idea.

    4. The "mind reader" (Jane), "pipe girl" (Piper) and "Paris Hilton" (Malena) will be romanceable, but "the engineer" (Darenzia) will not, because she is straight.

      I think I will add several scenes to the ending, related to what you did throughout the game, so I assume that having some variations on what happens with your love interest would be a possibility.

  4. a question from a long time fan

    is there going to be a new public release this year ??

    1. I think at least two: one during the summer, and one for the end of the year. Hopefully, I'll have it finished this year, but honestly, I have been going slower than I thought, so I can't really say when this is going to be over. I would like to make other games, too, but I am not crazy enough to start working on another release, until I am done with this (or at least, with chapter 1).

      The plan is to finish TOTDC chapter 1, a little rest, do another game, a little rest and then do TOTDC chapter 2 (no plans for after that, because honestly this is going to take years, I don't look that far ahead).