Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breathing life into Verania

So, since I always stick to my plans, I ended up mishmashing them in something that was miraculously not a waste of time! I added another scene for the lingerie (although I have yet to decide how I want to introduce it, for now it's just there to be easily accessed for testing purposes), I did some minor stuff (namely, some improvements to the illusionist dead end, which involves being unable to leave Europa 4 after you walk into his apartment for the first time and a more clear warning that entering said apartment might be something that you can't take back), and then I added 4 NPCs to Verania, and some dialogue/scenes involving them. Not a huge deal, but a good amount for introduction purposes, and a good platform for more side-quests, if I decide to add them. The picture hunting was productive and not too much time consuming this time around, and I thank the picture hunting Gods, for that, whoever they are (I will assume their names are Picky and Hunty, until informed otherwise).

Future plans are a bit muddy, but I think I will add another NPC to Verania, and then focus on something like a major side-quest or Malena and/or Piper's romance (I keep changing my mind, damn it! I am a fickle man).

As for the donations, I got another 25 canadian dollars from R.S. (as always, donors should feel free to contact me, if they want to discuss possible "thank you rewards" from me),  which I will promptly spend to keep up my decadent life style (and by decadent, I mean buying more videogames than I really should, because that's pretty much the only luxury I actually indulge in).

And now, the real reason people actually still read this blog! The intro of some anime I like/think is awesome/think is weird/like the song/enjoy thinking about the reaction it will cause in you!

Note that I had to discard some videos, because the english dubbing was so aweful I felt bad for you guys, and didn't want you to see those episodes by mistake and weep like I did. Also, I should really start to think during the week about which video to show, because I am starting to do it right before publishing the post, which is kind of stupid, I think.

Anyway, featuring this week:

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water!

Now, this is another old anime. It's rather crazy, and it's here mainly because of a certain nostalgia factor. Still, it was good, it had almost (but not quite) a steam-punkish feel to it. It was inspired by Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and I think it's a very weird yet interesting spin on some of the characters and the setting of that book.

"Crazy as batshit! 10/10"

The Times

That's about it for today, see you next week!


  1. Not sure what all the talk about these so called "quests" and "NPC" is,
    but I appreciate my vid fix for the week. :)

    1. I don't know what's that all about either, I just have a monkey that pushes random keys I use as an introduction before talking about the video. :p

  2. Nadia is always a good beginner anime in my opinion. It's easy to get and fun.

    1. The characters are easy to get and relate to, but the story got a few twists and turns, if I remember correctly, and it really has some of that "anime over the top nonsense" we all love/hate.

      It's an anime from Miyazaki, so of course it's going to be good, right? :D

  3. Nice update. Keep up the good work!
    Nice video. The blue haired girl... I think I saw her somewhare...

    1. I'll try to, that's for sure! :D

      Well, either you saw her on TV or on a manga, there aren't that many other options. I am sure it'll come back to you, sooner or later.

  4. I think some BE implants for this game would be very nice.

    1. Like a boobjob? Nice idea but even if you could persuade the model in question to actually get a bj irl;
      (so we could get matching images - or did you think mdqp posed for Celeste himself? :) )

      It would likely double the size and work required writing a new scene involving the pc,
      On the other hand more bewbs is always good..
      mdqp: make it happen!!! :D

    2. Are you implying that our heroine Celeste is lacking in the chest department?!?!?!

      You would be right, I guess... ^_^

      To answer you seriously, though, I am no good with manipulating pics, and there would be a HUGE amount of pictures to change, if it was a permanent situation, and not a bad end of sorts.

      There was actually an idea about doing something very similar for a bad end, but I can't remember why we ended up not doing it (I was discussing it with chaosrevolver, beta tester for my game and the creator of the pics in the "fanart" section).

      Bottom line is: it wouldn't be practical as a permanent thing, but I am not against it for a bad end, I'll have to see if I can come up with something fitting, though.

    3. Yeah, i want her breasts bigger too!

      Bottom line is: it wouldn't be practical as a permanent thing

      This is sad. I was hoping that the Celeste follows the advice of Alice and really get a DD cup.

      Alice: You should seriously consider surgery to get rid of your scars... And maybe get a DD cup... Just saying

      It's a Sci-Fi after all and Celeste's mind is attacked by some bimbo slut - she is already have some implant, why don't give her another, but breast?

      Yes, pics problem is big, but you can change her appearence completely if Alice really make her bimbo. That pics can be easy to found.

    4. I really like that idea, but i think this need to be a choice to make her boobs bigger or change her appearance to bimbo appearance. Some people like Celeste as she is so i think it would be rude to them if Celeste's appearance changed without a choice.

      But bigger is better, of cource (.)(.) ;)

    5. Changing the model isn't viable, either. I'd still need to find someone with enough pictures to substitute 90% of the scenes (which is extremely hard). Plus, I would never be able to find a way to justify how the crew (and anyone else that knows Celeste) doesn't react to this (OR I would need to write alternative dialogues everywhere, which is even worse).

      Body changing isn't easy to implement, if it isn't done in a vacuum (or if you can't use magic to handwave everything).

      And honestly, while it would be fun, it would be something that doesn't add anything to the game: within 10 minutes, everyone will forget about it, and move on (unless you obsessively check your portrait every room). With the time I'd have to put into it, I could do more meaningful stuff, be it for new mechanics, or improving scenes.

    6. >>that doesn't add anything to the game: within 10 minutes, everyone will forget about it, and move on (unless you obsessively check your portrait every room)

      So, if portrait doesn't add anything, maybe we should play with blank window instead of a portrait?

    7. Having the picture there? Honestly doesn't add much. Is functional to showing you who your character is, and if you click on examine, to get some more info, and a look at what Celeste is wearing, but that's hardly a big deal, nothing important for the gameplay, the plot or the sexy content.

      Of course, I am the author, maybe all the players just fire to game to stare at the 5-6 pictures they can get by examining the portrait, I honestly don't have the slightest clue! ^_^

    8. How much you need to add this feature?

    9. Too much for too little?
      Unless you bothered reading those few posts above you.

      But hey, bewbs!
      ( + )( + )

    10. Anonymous #1: Do you mean how much money I would want to add that feature? I am afraid that's not a possibility. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, but I would need MONTHS to do it properly, working only on that. The game wasn't built with that idea in mind, so I'd have to manually add new pictures and dialogues for all the scenes, and this without bothering with the NPCs reactions, or any of the more subtle nuances, which would drag this for an even longer time. I don't work full time on this game, so times are inevitably long.


      I am not saying it wouldn't be fun (I admitted that myself, and I also said I considered doing it for a bad end), but making it an option for the whole game? It would be too much for too little. It would be a chore to implement, and given how the plot is going so far, I would need to re-write a good chunk of it. It's a serious undertaking, and it would throw out of the window all the plans I have for the story.

    11. Why do you need to add this feature in the start? You can add it if Celeste reach some point in the game like new planet where she get encounter or something and get DD. You don't need to rewrite all scenes - just need to add new. Or you can write a new route with changed Celeste - this is really add something more in the game than only portrait. New sex scenes, new story, new everything. It take a while, but i think many players of this awesome game would be very grateful to you for this.

      Honestly why do we need bad end if Alice completely overpower Celeste's mind? Maybe we have a choice to wake her inner bimbo-slut?

      P.S. Do you really see a fun in a bad end?

    12. Unless I narrow down the game after Celeste improves her figure, I have to account for the fact that you can play the planets in any order you want, which means you could get the boob job, and AFTER that do everything else, which means that everything else has to fit the change, too.

      Adding a new path would be possible, but it still couldn't have anything to do with the original main quest, and it'd have to end with you enslaved anyway (I mean, if ALICE managed to convince Celeste that is more important to get a boob job than to try and save herself, she is pretty much gone anyway).

      It would work as an "extended bad end", where you play some more after the fact, but still can't complete the game. I am not against that, but bear in mind that I can't just add another game on top of the current one, so this path can't be huge, either.

      Inner bimbo-slut also wants to be a slave, that's the package ALICE is ultimately trying to push. It's really too late to change the game to add such an option, even assuming that I'd want to (and I don't, mainly because I am lazy).

      I like bad ends. In fact, I love them. Does that make me a bad person? ^_^

    13. Adding slut path with "improved" Celeste would fit very nice and i like it, but i think mdqp have other plans for this game, sadly. So all we can only hope if Celeste's model did a breast enlargement in real. Or mdqp adds another model in the game but it is almost impossible.

      Big breast fans gonna hate =_=

  5. [I thank the picture hunting Gods, for that, whoever they are (I will assume their names are Picky and Hunty, until informed otherwise).]
    Maybe Artemis/Diana and Apollo?
    Anyway, I am REEEEEEEAAAAAAALLY looking forward to a new release whenever you can manage it. This is one of the few games that I like to replay once in a while. Most of them are "Finish and Forget/Delete", BUT NOT THIS ONE! I am seriously LOVING this one. I will definitely watch this game until the day it's finished. Keep up the good work.

    1. I honestly think that Horny&Porny suit them better considering the nature of the pictures in question, although greek gods are not really known for their chastity...

    2. No wild guesses! Don't tell me we don't have a history PhD among our ranks to tell us what's their real name for sure? ^_^

      Happy to know you like my game. I tried to add some replayability to it, I guess it was worth it. ;)

    3. Well, I don't have a PhD, but I do know a bit about Greek gods. Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt, Childbirth, Virginity and Protector of Young Girls; She only ever loved Orion, her hunting partner, but never had sex with him. Apollo, her twin brother in Greek mythology, is the god of several things, including ART, truth, disease (*cough* ALICE *ahem*), and healing. He also had many lovers and children. So, these siblings might make a good "hunting for porn pictures" pair.

    4. Nah, it won't do. I mean, by that reasoning Mixcoatl and Huehuecoyotl (Aztecs) would fit the bill, too, or maybe Ptah and Pakhet (Egyptians). We don't want to revere those false idols, we want to worship the true gods of picture hunting, and then unite under their banner to launch a holy war for more porn (and great justice)! ^_^

    5. How about we settle to canonize you as patron saint of drunken cowboy related porn instead?

      And I can already see the glorious battle cry ringing above the field of battle: "For the Greater Wood!"

    6. I am not sure becoming the patron saint of drunken cowboy porn would be for the best... XD

      We should find another battle cry, though: I don't discriminate against the lesser wood, all woods are equal, to me! :p

    7. Hmmm... Can't think of anything for Gods. As for the battle cry/ motto, how about "All's Fair in Love and Porn!"?

    8. Should we launch a contest for the battle cry? XD XD XD

  6. I'm split between:

    Today is a good day for porn!
    By the power of mdqp... I have the porn!

    PS What's the prize, deciding on the new bust size for Celeste? :D

    1. Should I put up a poll to decide for the motto? :D

      Bust size is for God and plastic surgeons to decide, not us! XD XD XD