Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The good, the not so good, the pure awesomeness!

As I like to be optimistic and full of positive thinking, we'll start with the not so good! :D

I haven't finished the quest yet. I thought I would be over this week, quite honestly, but despite putting a decent amount of time into the game and I managed to do some good progress, I didn't quite close the whole deal. It's a mix of "the project was slightly too ambitious for a side-quest" "I keep re-thinking what items/rewards to give to the players" and a hint of "what the fuck was I thinking when I wrote this scene?!?". I kept re-working several times things I had done before, so a lot of the work I made was completely useless and will never be seen again, as it has been changed radically, or has been removed from the game.

The good news is that stuff got done anyway, and I have a basic plan for almost everything left to add to the quest, so it shouldn't be as much of a pain in the ass to put together. It's slightly less great than I thought it would be, but maybe I can improve on it once I have the quest complete, by adding touches here and there.

The pure awesomeness is you guys. I seriously am amazed by how generous you are. This week I got 35 € from S.M. and 60 € from Y.C. (to answer your question: there is a planned male crew member as a new NPC, and a boyfriend relationship might be added, in the form of Russell, the owner of the lonely mermaid. I am not sure if I'll do it, because of the usual problem of Celeste having no male partners in her galleries, and because romances are difficult to handle in a open-ish world game like TOTDC, and I am having trouble already with just two incomplete romances in place. I would like to, though).

As I like to remind to everyone who donated, if you want you can drop me an e-mail or a PM over at the Hypnopics collective, if you can think of something you would like as a reward (suggest a scene, name someone/something after you, access to closed betas), I would be happy to hear you out.

And now, the one thing you are actually looking for when you come to see this blog: Intros of awesome/weird anime!

This week, we are featuring the italian version of the opening of Daitarn 3:

To quote TV tropes: James Bond With A Humongous Mecha And Blue Hair!
If that doesn't sound awesome to you, you clearly hate fun!

I think this anime has no english version, which is really sad, because it was really fun. It didn't took itself seriously at all, and yet managed to have drama, in a weird way. It is something of an anomaly among anime with big stompy mechs, and it subtly mocks its own genre without condemning it.

Well, this is it, folks, at least until next week! ;)


  1. I think I now know who George Lucas ripped off to make Star Wars.

    As a side note isn't the good, the bad and the horny more appropriate, or are you saving that one for later? :D

    1. Is this a very roundabout way to compare my poor method of development with George Lucas' tendency to go back on his already finished work to mess with it again? Damn, you were really trying to depress me, right? :P

      I already burned that reference, so I won't be using it again (unless I forget it by the time I might want to use it again... XD).

    2. Actually it was a *very* roundabout way of comparing the GDP of Indonesia's second quarter of 1972 in relation to average boiling time of fish broth on Mars, while jumping on one foot and whistling yankee dixie.

      The confederate version, naturally.

      Or I saw the lightsaber-y things and the whole cyber disco feel and went lol.

      Both are possible.

    3. I knew it was the confederate version! XD

      I don't remember lightsaber-y things in my game, (can't say about the cyber disco part, since I don't know what you exactly mean by it) how come you managed to associate those to my game and therefore to star wars? Did you see kids playing on the streets with lightsaber while playing my game, and made this bizarre connection? XD XD XD

    4. Well that would explain plenty, I was refering to the video. (watch ~0.42 and then tell me there are no lightsaber-y things in there)

      Besides is this not an obscure anime digestion review site, you're now implying that there is infact a game hidden somewhere?

      In all seriousness, the game is already judged as awesome and as such is irrelevant to this discussion, although any lightsabers patched in further down the line may only increase the awesome factor. ;)

    5. You can't expect my confused, insane mind to actually realize you were talking about the video, you have to spell it out for me! Especially when you talk about a lightsaber thingy showed for a few seconds, when the main focus are the characters and the GIANT ROBOT in that particular video! XD

      Hey! I might take offense to that! Those anime are not all obscure! XD

      I don't think there is unanimity in considering my game all that great, so the debate is still open.

      A game with Jedi-like characters/powers but without the Jedi weird moral compass (the whole thing about emotions and passions, as if those things must inevitably lead to bad things) would actually be a pretty good setting for an MC game.

    6. !!!WARNING This post may contain references to Star Wars, mdqpgames.blogspot, flying spaghetti monster, futurama and sarcasm in general WARNING!!!

      Bah, seen one giant 'bot - seen 'em all.
      and frankly I would rather call your mind devious and questionable (just look at that avatar, it's pure madness!) then again that somehow sounds familiar..?

      As for the people and their opinions, I've found that its highly beneficial to my blood pressure to group them into two basic categories, those I agree with and those refered to as "the meatbags that can get bent", thus *the game is judged as awesome*. :)

      And don't get me started on SW and it's morality, suffice it to say that a criminal furry lover, a spoiled brat turned slug courtesan and a emo farmer with daddy issues topple the legitimate and stable government, support terrorist movements and perform murder on a mass scale and get touted as heroes...

      !!!WARNING This post may contain references to Star Wars, mdqpgames.blogspot, flying spaghetti monster, futurama and sarcasm in general WARNING!!!

    7. I don't think there are any flying spaghetti monster references, and now I am sad.

      There are giant bots and giant bots, I'll have to send the thought police after you, if you insist in such claims.

      Yeah, I imagine that does wonder to your blood pressure! :D

      99% of our heroes were furry lover, who toppled a legitimate and stable government, practicing murder on a mass scale. The remaining 1% is composed of game designers. It's a little known fact... :P

    8. We indeed must heighten our efforts to stop any crimethink, infact it would be fullwise to goodthink and consider any misprints of duckspeaking the unsimilarities between giant bots and infact giant bots.

      All supposed referances to F.S.M. may infact be malquoted and subsequently corrected by Recdep, any seemingly overlooked patterns relating to such individual have not infact *been missed* by versificator.

      Any prolefeed mention of implied heroic-ownlife are infact oldthink and constitute a visit to joycamp facilities.
      In unrelated reports quantility of any implied game designers has increased to 25% from earlier 33% per 1/4 of the future 54.2% quota percived by predicted 24.4%

      As approved by Minitrue.
      *Any perceived double meanings in any reported truths are infact thinkcrimes.

    9. This is probably the best comment I am ever going to cause. I should print it and then frame it, it is a thing of beauty.

      I also laughed my ass off for the entire reading. ^_^

    10. Remember comrade all comments you cause are equal, but some are just more equal then others.

  2. Daitan looks like it's Transformers mixed with Gundam mixed with Interstella 5555 (even though it came out later).

    Might have to check it out.

    Oh, and good luck with the game. ^_^

    1. Daitarn 3 is kind of a weird beast, but it is very fun, in my opinion. If you can take a look at it, I recommend it.

      Nice to see how my game is slowly becoming the filler, while the anime become the main show! XD XD XD (Thanks for wishing me good luck, though ^_^).