Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"So, what have you been doing lately? We are all SO interested!"

Meh! Not much. I took a vacation from the game basically, which actually helped me find some inspiration for what to do next. I took a break also because I had an exam today, and I had to study (it didn't go well, and as usual, I am depressed, now). Now that I am reinvigorated from the break (minus the depression), I might restart working on the game, with more energy, and possibly, less saturated fats. Or something... Anyway, Things should move back on their tracks, and everyone should be happy! As a side note, I actually wrote down the random events for the new planet, so I ended up doing something, after all. It shouldn't take long to put them in the game. I am more concerned about what stores I should add, right now. This kind of things always take some careful planning, because I need new items with several attributes (they must be different from what's currently available, balanced, and somewhat in line with the current pool of money available to the players, and possibly fit the theme of the planet, if there is one), and at least a few clerks for the shops (though some might be automated, just because sci-fi). Once I add the random events, the shops and the second quest (I have plans for all of these things), I might go back to what I added on Europa 4, polish a few things, and see if it might be about time to make a new release. And, most importantly, there is a new image in the fanart gallery, go check it out!

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