Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am back (sort of)!

How come there isn't an outcry for my prolonged silences? I want riots in the streets whenever I am not around! ... Then again, maybe not. Anyway, I restarted my work on the game, and I have added the random events for the main area of the new planet, plus I started working on the second quest, finally getting something done in the process. I think that, once I add the shops, I should be okay with the new planet, at least for the moment (of course, I am still debating internally what shops should I put in and what items, but that's another problem). Once this is done, I'll go back to the additions I already made for Europa 4, and I'll see if I can polish/add the things I feel need some more work. To keep you busy in the meantime, we have another submission by chaosrevolver/encounterblitz in the fanart section (but he can't keep it alive all on his own, you must submit something, too!). Once I am done with this update, I was thinking of adding a poll for the following one: I might give you a list of "optional" goals I might have for said release, and based on the result of poll, I will add that one first, leaving the rest to further removed updates. I think it would be a nice way to involve you guys during the most boring (for you) part of the process: the long wait between two releases. Also, I didn't forget about my project of reviewing "proper" videogames with an MC-theme, and I will do the first review soon, (probably) within a week. If you guys have any questions about the game, what I am working on, etc., feel free to post your questions here. Sometimes I wonder if I am to forthcoming or too buttoned up, so if you have any complaints about how I handle the feedback I give you, leave a comment, I might try to address any shortcomings you can think of.


  1. In reverse order:
    - No complaints about feedback you give, you're quite chatty!
    - When's the next release? (kidding, kidding)
    - Poll's a good idea if it's not too much hassle for yourself.
    - Encounterblitz's fanart is absolutely freaking awesome. The detail is brilliant, the characters look great and even the backgrounds are perfectly suited to your game. If I could pay him to illustrate your game I'd be up for it (no offence to your choices of models, the pictures in the game are very good, but the anart is exceptional). I'm not a fanart-creator - I'm more a programmer - unfortunately you won't see anything from me :(
    - No outcry because I've been weeping silently here :D

  2. I agree with Nerio very much. Can't wait to see the release and polls sound like a great idea. The fanart is also superb.

    I'm also eager to see the event I donated for. I'm excited!

  3. Okay then! I am trying to be upfront, since people also donate money, and it would be incredibly unfair to them if I didn't say anything. On the other hand, I can't go into details, because I can't really go around spoilering my own work, can I? The poll wouldn't be too difficult to organize, I will have a few "core" objectives for the next release, that I will do no matter what, but I can ask people's opinion for the secondary objectives, once I put down a list of those, and work on them in the order the poll present them. After each release, I will do another poll to re-organize the side objectives.

    Believe it or not, me and encounterblitz have thought/tried to work together on a game in at least two occasions, but it didn't work out, unfortunately (some of his art will appear in the game, though). Maybe next time we'll manage to work on a project together, one can always hope. :)

    To Nerio: Being a programmer is no excuse, free your artistic side!!! ^_^

    To tempestreturns: Do you want to take a peek at it? It isn't exactly regular, but you did donate, after all. One exception can be done (that quest has been finished for a long time, and it should be the final version, a small addition to it might be done, just to give it some more polish, but 95% of the quest would remain the same).

  4. I could never refuse taking a peak, but I understand if you'd rather not. It's your game. :P

    I wish I'd applied for the beta when this game came out originally. Blundered, I did.