Monday, January 13, 2020

Nimble Noble

So, the new quest is finished, and I wrote two new scenes for Eliza. The new quest is a bit short, but since there are two approaches and one of them is practically one long-ish sexy scene, it ended up being more complicated than I was expecting. I also had to re-do some content as I was debating whether I should have the two paths or if I should try to turn it into one, slightly longer quest. In fact, I might still change my mind, and make it work like one big event (I feel that would make for a better experience).
Anyway, up next is more content for Golden Leaf, as I anticipated last week. I hope to tie some of the scenes in this quest/event to other stuff you can do as a noble, to make it more fun and give a bit more meaning to the various interactions we have had with the NPCs so far.
I don't think there were any other interesting developments to report, so I'll keep this post shorter, since it's a bit late right now where I live (I procrastinated a bit too hard today XD).
Let me know if I am forgetting anything, and look forward to next week! ^_^

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