Monday, October 21, 2019

Almost there (but not quite yet)

So, I just finished the quest content (minus the last bit which I might not add until I work on the last chapter, since this introduces it and that will be the "no turning back" point before the end). I am uploading the test version for my testers as I write this.
Some parts of the quest were more taxing than expected (the fork proved to be some extra work to make it different enough, gameplay wise), but I think I managed to put together a good quest! Now it's going to be a few days of waiting, bugfixing and polishing, before the public release. Sorry for the extra time it took, but hopefully it's interesting enough to make up for it. ^_^
Not much else to say, other than telling you guys to look forward to it. I didn't want to release this without testing, since there are some complicated parts, and I want to guarantee a degree of bug removal before you get to try it. I might try to write a few sexy scenes in the meantime, but honestly I feel a bit tired, so maybe I'll rest until the stream of bug reports forces me back in action. XD
Anyway, that's it for now (trying to avoid spoilers, if at all possible). I'll be back with a new release soon! ^_^

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