Monday, September 23, 2019

Next chapter

So, after dealing with some bugs (as you might have noticed, I did release one small update), I am back on track, working on the main quest. Specifically, I am adding the beginning of chapter 5 (and the end of chapter 4). I am trying to find the best way to introduce all the elements I'd like. There should be a lot going on, but as far as the main quest goes, the points I want to touch in the 5th chapter are:

Meeting Alec (the shapeshifter you meet at the end of the third temple) again, and having a chance to meet his master as well;

Talking to your father about what you discovered in the last temple;

Move to the next step of your research into what happened with your uncle;

Having the potential bad consequence of always relying on Alpharius play out;

Getting one last big reveal in preparation for the last chapter;

Since a lot of this is going to be important for the plot, I can't share too many details, unfortunately. I can tell you that I wrote the usual scene for a chapter transition, and I wrote almost all of the first scene with Alec. I think I'll have him show up at your house, for a visit (and he'll try to get in your panties a second time). He'll also offer some honest advice. I am considering whether I want him to get involved in your efforts to find your uncle. On one hand, he is obviously big on "improving Shapeshifters' relationships" and he isn't too much of a bad guy (once you get to know him), but on the other hand, even if I'd like to involve NPCs a bit more, it might be late at this stage of development (I partially regret not giving the players a party, or at least, someone that would travel with you, if not fight with you). Still, it's something to think about.

As for the art commissions that won the polls, expect to see them the release after the next one. Some of the commissions had already started being made back when the poll wasn't finished yet, so I figured I'd move everything to the following month, so I can be more flexible with how I allocate the "waifu quotas". Not that we don't have more art as usual this month, but I hope nobody is upset with the delay. I might make another art poll, so I can keep the train rolling (especially since I'll be working on the main quest, so there aren't too many decisions for you to vote on).

Speaking of art, I wonder if I'll have to scale things back to 4 commissions per month. It seems like we have been missing the 2500$ goal for a few months already. It's not like I am running out of money, or anything like that (things are still going incredibly well, thanks to everyone ^_^), but I feel like I should keep my budget allocated as planned.

I think this is everything for this week. Do let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, see you next week! ^_^

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