Monday, April 29, 2019

More quests!

Well, more like 1 (incomplete) quest. I have done most of the work (maps, dialogues, quest log, a puzzle), but I need to write beginning, end and finish a sex scene (the scene is a bit complicated in how players can get there). Then the quest is complete, but I might consider improvements (right away if I can think them myself, or after the testers get their hands on it). I think I'll place this one in chapter 3, for the moment. I think I should finish it before the end of the week, if nothing gets in the way.
The quest being added will mean that I (finally) kept my word on the reward I gave out a LOOOONG time ago to the winner of the first (and last) contest I held. I kept pushing it back, because I wanted to use it in a different city, but I finally decided a small village in the mountains would be a better place than using an island (mainly because I don't know when/if I'll make a ship available).
Other than that, I added a confirmation prompt for the surrender option (I wasted some time on it, because I had to fiddle with two other scripts I didn't personally write, but it should work just fine now), and I did some minor bugfixing as well.
I also spent a little bit of time on Ren'Py, to try a few things out for a possible TOTDC 2 prototype. If I use Ren'py, the combat engine should be fine already, it just needs some visual assets (and probably some annoying UI work... Ugh, I hate working on the UI), and for me to add all the mechanics and choices, but we should be able to have all the features we had in the first game, plus some extra elements.
I'll eventually try to add an inventory and test a few related mechanics. Then it would be the turn of maps that navigate similarly to RAGS (these would be used for the missions only, while we'd just use a point and click map for normal city/planet exploration). If I figure out all of these, I might try and use Ren'py for an actual demo, otherwise I might experiment a bit with Twine, and see if that's any better for me.
Anyway, that's about it. I think the sex scene I am writing should be something interesting, and it also inspired me for future content involving the criminal underworld in Tarkas, so hopefully we'll get some more sexy content later down the road. See you guys next week! ^_^

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