Monday, April 22, 2019

A little art preview for TOTDC 2

This is the lineart for some concept art I commissioned for TOTDC 2. Do you think you would like it if the game used this style? I shared this on Patreon and on the Hypnopics Collective, but I figured some of you guys might want it posted here as well. ^_^


  1. Finally, I can begin the countdown to see the probably-not-bad-at-all consequences of my actions the first game, like becoming a fashion model/pornstar/stripper, accidentally destabilizing a colony because I'm an awful investigator, and letting a shady CEO mess around with my brain.

    I'm sure none of those will come back to bite me in the ass....

    1. Of course, why would they? Those are all sensible choices and outcomes... XD XD XD