Monday, April 22, 2019

Just a few notes

Since the release has been just a couple of days ago (and since both today and yesterday were holidays) I didn't really do much, besides fixing bugs. A hotfix should appear in the next few days, so I figured I'd let you guys know. Other than that, I can confirm that the poll's results this time around decided I'll be focusing on more quests for the guilds, so look forward to that! I already have an idea for one, so I am sure I'll have plenty to do in the coming days.
Other than that, do let me know if you can think of any quality of life changes for the game, be it the UI, how certain scenes work (like, if you want ways to skip them) and so on. Those are always good to tackle whenever possible. Speaking of which, from the next update, I'll have removed the "formation" command from the menu, and if you start a new game, you'll be able to access the quest log from the main menu, instead.
I was also considering adding a page to list your current summonings, to also make it possible to pick one before battle. There is a problem with the limited space in the menu, though, so I wonder if using an item to bring up a simple menu would be a good substitute, or if there is something else I can remove, or even if I can attach this functionality to the magic menu (for example, selecting the summon outside of combat would bring up a menu, giving you the choice to talk to the summoning, pick at as your current "insta-summon" for battle, and more).
Do let me know what you think about these ideas for the UI, if you have any thoughts on them, as well as if you have suggestions for other things. ^_^

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