Monday, February 04, 2019

Tactical Bimbo Action

This week, I worked a bit more on the main quest (still adding more maps for it and content to said maps). It's taking me a bit longer than I expected since I hadn't used this tileset before, but I think I managed to create a nice atmosphere with the right music, and tweaking the weather script in the game so I can have a stronger snowstorm (I might need some feedback to see if it affects performance, although I didn't see anything on my end).
I also added 2 more scenes with Lea, tweaked/expanded a scene of the bunnygirl job to fit the new art (and added content for the bimbo trait as well), I tweaked a bit the scene with the Futa to fit the new CG, and I added two scenes to the old man inn encounter (I think this should be the end for that series of scenes).
I did some other miscellaneous stuff, and I am not sure if I am forgetting something, but this is close enough to list everything I worked on this week.
Anyway, I'll put out the new polls soon, so get ready to vote (those of you who can, at least :^).
As always, do let me know if you have any questions. ^_^

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