Monday, January 28, 2019

Back to work!

So, other than handling the hotfix and adding the new system to change/remove piercings, this week I also worked on the main quest, preparing the new map that will be the "entrance" to the next temple. I am also plotting out a few ways to enter the area (although I assume most people will have a noble title, and will use their connections to the Emperor to get in, once I implement a return to court along with it). I'll probably need to have at least some strings attached to the Emperor's help, otherwise it might be too easy. Anyway, The first map is done, the second map is underway, and some of the preliminary work (like, picking which sprites to use, adding some of the interactive elements to the map) is mostly done as well.

I also worked a bit on pregnancy content, so that players will have something to do at home (relax, or have some fun alone), which will also reflect how far their pregnancy has reached up to that point.

Finally, I added a scene with Lea, the female slave, so I can start her path toward (potential) freedom and a romance with the protagonist. I wanted to do this for a while, and a generous supporter also wanted it in the game, so I figured it would be nice to get started on it. It's an intro to the path, so it's not sexy, but hopefully it should be "cute" and endearing.

Speaking of supporters, thanks to everyone who donates, we finally reached the 2200$ goal (and then merrily went past it)! That means we'll get 4 art commissions every month from now on. I was already talking about it with my artist, Redjet, for a while, and I was probably going to start anyway, since we were hovering around that mark for a bit, but this cemented the decision (look forward to the art preview at the start of february, if you are a patron ^_^).

I'll take this opportunity to ask once again to people to offer suggestions for which scenes should get proposed to the next poll as candidates to get a CG. It's hard to keep track of all the scenes, and I figure you must have some favourites that are currently without any art to go with them, so let me know, and I'll add them to the list (even if you proposed them before, there is no harm in reminding me, so make sure you do).

I think this is it for the week, but do let me know if you have questions. Otherwise, I'll see you guys next time! ^_^

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