Monday, October 29, 2018

Mix & Match edition

So, this week I finished writing the scenes for the guard club (hopefully the way it works and how it ends is satisfying enough). I am unsure if I want to add a way to try and get back at them (right now, I added a rule to "break" their control, which involves not going to their club for a week), but it doesn't seem worth it (maybe an alternative bad end if you try to accuse them and they capture you for good?).
Anyway, the path is complete, everything added from now on is just a bonus. I have also been working on the protagonist's hometown (since that's part of the main quest). I am adding NPCs, maps for the interior, I changed the look of your house a bit (the one we see in the intro), found some slightly more unique sprites and faces for your parents, picked the music for the village, that kind of stuff. I'll probably be working on this one the most, next week, since it will need some coding as well as writing (it's your hometown, after all).
I did some work on the "male hero TF", so that we have an alternative target for our newfound powers. I mainly took care of the basic code for it, but I still need to write the actual scenes. I also added a bad ending if you keep transforming into the same person (so far, it's just the female hero you can meet at the bathhouse). I'd say it's impossible to do unless you are looking for it on purpose, but if I ever allow you to use her transformation in another quest, things might be interesting. I wonder if the ending should be more exciting, however. Right now it's a bit bland, but maybe I can spice it up, so you at least get something out of losing.
I also mapped the outside of the building where the protagonist's kids will be raised past the pregnancy. I am not sure if I'll be able to add the whole mechanic, but at the very least I think I'll add the proper text for the delivery of the baby, and the subsequent scene at the "institute" (don't know how to call it) that will take care of it.
I think this is about it for the moment. At the beginning of next month, I'll get things ready for the usual round of art previews, polls and other stuff, so stay tuned for those!
I wonder if I should have some halloween-themed events in the game. Maybe a scary quest would be enough. XD

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