Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Beaches, babes and babies

Apologies for the slight delay in the update, I waited too long to write the post, and then it was late at night, so I decided to postpone to today (at least it's morning in Italy, I don't know what time is it around the world right now).
So, I did most of what I set out to this week: I worked on part of the pregnancy stuff. I set things up as follow:
  • The default setting for pregnancies is "OFF";
  • You can change the settings by praying in Santhora's temple. The options are: no pregnancies, random chance (small chance), always pregnant when a scene can start a pregnancy, and then we have a setting to include monsters or not among the possible fathers. These options would not matter in special scenarios (like for endings where you get captured and turned into a breeder by minotaurs, the settings won't affect how that plays out), but in the more general gameplay.
  • The next day you have done the deed, when you wake up, you'll get a warning message, urging you to go visit a doctor. If you don't go within 3 days, the feeling of unease will be gone, and the pregnancy never happened, if you go to the doctor, instead you get the option to either have a normal pregnancy (ending the game) or using drugs to have a fast gestation (500 G, but you can get it even on debt).
  • If you pick the second one, you get back to your house, and from there I'll give you some possible actions (like "take a stroll", go visit "place x" or "person y") so you can have your pregnant shenanigans.
  • I'll probably make the pregnancies 3-4 days long.
For now, that's where I got. I have plans for a pill to be on sale (so if you just need an "emergency" no baby option, you can take that one and be fine for the day, even away from Santhora's temple), and I still need to think of how to properly handle babies, but this is how things are going to be.
There is still a lot of work to be done (just identifying all possible scenes that should lead to a pregnancy is going to be a headache, so I'll be counting on everyone's help), but the basic logic is easy (I don't simulate stuff like fertile days, menstruations and such, because I find those tedious to take care of when playing, and potentially complicated as a developer), so I took care of it.
We also have a new scene with Ariel (enjoy a nice day at the beach with her... But you are definitely on a secret mission. She didn't lie just to see you again in a bikini, nope!), and a scene with the new NPC I talked about. I was hoping to write 2 scenes for the new NPC, but things didn't go as planned (I wasn't satisfied with how it was going, so I re-wrote it a bunch of times), so we only got one.
I can't remember if I mentioned it in the previous post, but the new mage guild quest is done, and now I need to work on the following things:
  • introduce guild ranks,so we can track our progress AND have a goal to reach in order to create one of the paths for the main quest, which involves becoming relatively famous in one of the guilds. I'll probably set the bar low, and raise it a bit as I add more quests for the guilds.
  • Introduce some famous adventurers to the guilds. I think those will be the first people you'll be allowed to use your new powers from the third temple on, so that you can impersonate them to do... Something.
  • In order for the previous point to work, I'll probably need an in-game tutorial for how I want this new TF to play out. I'll probably make it so that you need a long ritual and a piece of the person you are changing into to make it happen (like hair or blood). This is also the kind of stuff that will only work in limited settings (I can't write different dialogues for all the people you can potential turn into, that would be insane)
I also need to get the pregnancy core done, as I mentioned above, so this should be busy. Hopefully I can do everything, but I hope people won't mind if I have to cut a few things for the release.
Anyway, this is it for now, see you next week! ^_^

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