Monday, August 27, 2018

Honey, I am pregnant!

Or at least, that's what I'd like you to be able to say to a wide number of NPCs. I am considering working on the pregnancy system, basically, which has been in my plans for a while. I think it opens up for a lot of potentially sexy situations.
In the short-term, I worked on a handful of bugs, I wrote a new scene for Carla (which also has its own illustration, look forward to it in the preview on my Patreon page!), I improved some parts of the slave competition (added some text to the "worst" choices, improved the presentation, etc), I worked on part of the main quest (I wrote all the "info-dump-y" stuff related to searching your uncle, and set things up for the basic interactions required for the quest to work in the magic academy), and also started mapping some areas for a guild quest.
This last one allows me to kill 3 birds in one stone: add some content to the guilds, which will help with the requirements for the professor you have to meet at the academy, while also providing a way to meet with the "girl who has a crush on you", which won the last poll. Am I not super-efficient? :^
By the way, I forgot to mention this when I released this update, but one of the training scenes in the slave path wasn't written by me, but by 1gecko, a fan who offered to help with the writing. I think he did a good job (although I sadly had to butcher some of it, to make it fit with what I already had prepared for the scenes), can you guess which part was his?
Anyway, this also reminds me I have some unfinished content for the training, maybe I'll eventually add another random scene in the mansion.
This is everything for now, Do let me know if there is something I am missing, otherwise, see you next week! ^_^

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