Monday, June 11, 2018

Tentacles ready to be deployed!

So, I finished the mine quest, did some closed testing to take care of the most glaring bugs, added some more dialogues/content to Golden Leaf (introducing yet some more NPCs to the place), worked on some details (like having workers show up and disappear when appropriate during repairs), added some more improvements you can work on in the mansion (the map is almost 100% done, but I need to work on the code for some more stuff), and generally tried to smooth out the experience.
I'd like to throw in some interactions with the factions you can associate with, but I figured I'd get the basics to a more solid level first, so those might not make it in for the release.
I don't think there is much else to say at the moment, other than I am sleepy, so I am going to bed soon. If you have questions, make sure to mention it in the comments, but otherwise, see you next week! ^_^

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