Monday, June 18, 2018

More mansion, marvellous!

So yeah, I have been working some more on the noble stuff. I did add a few more "upgrades" to the house, as well as added some more secrets. I polished the mine quest a bit more, and wrote another scene related to your noble status (it triggers after you sleep in the mansion the first time). This will be the futa encounter in the game (I made sure to give players enough warning on it, so they can steer clear of it, if they want to), and I have almost finished another short quest in Golden Leaf.
I actually wish I had done a bit more this week, but I wasn't able to focus too much on the game this weekend, maybe I am a bit tired.
Anyway, I think the new release should be ready in the next 2-3 days. I'll try to add as much content as possible, and then I'll update. Look forward to it!
Thanks to everyone for your support, and see you soon with the update! ^_^

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