Monday, April 23, 2018

This week in mdqp: intrigue, politics and... Exhibitionism?!

So, the release seems to be going smoothly so far (only one minor bug reported for now), and I got through the main hump in the noble path:
preparing the new maps, and writing an intro to give the basic information on how things will work, as well as introduce some NPCs in a reasonably smooth way (writing and cutscenes might just be the worst things to do in the RPG Maker UI, if you ask me).

Up next will be more encounters with the nobles involved in the council (you'll get to explore more of the royal palace), so you can learn more about what might sway their vote toward you. Some will be unavailable (meaning you can only impress them during the first scene, if you already did something that reached their ears), but you will still have enough potential votes to get to the top. Basically we'll get some quests and mini-quests to garner favors, while learning about current court politics. I think for now I won't make the capital explorable, as it's not necessary to our objectives (This will change in the future, as long as we don't fall unreasonably behind and might need to cut some content).

Since the release, though, I have been working on Carla. Last month's poll had a pretty clear winner with her, and so I took the time to do some basic work. I changed some stuff behind the scenes so that various scenes are better organized and don't rely on common events as much (since there is a limited number of those, I have been trying to keep their usage down). Next I added the first scene that will introduce some of the new path.

It will involve a "brilliant" plan by Carla to use your sex appeal in order to have more people join her gym, so you'll be offered the choice to show up in a bikini to help her advertise the benefits of her training. The idea is that if you agree, she might offer you more and more outlandish ideas on how to attract customers, and sometimes the customers themselves might have suggestions of their own, or trying to get a bit grabby when Carla isn't looking (she might be the one suggesting this, but she is still the jealous type).

I'll have a similar "fork" in your more private scenes with her, where you can get more submissive and pushed into exhibitionism, or you can have a regular, "boring" relationship with her.
I'll probably make it so you can get the "exhibitionist trait" on this path at some point, so we have an alternative entry point to the wonders of exhibitionism.

This should be it, as far as this week goes, and my plans for the near future. Thanks again to everyone for their support, and see you guys next week! ^_^

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