Monday, April 30, 2018

f an emperor has sex with you, are you royally screwed?

That's what we'll have to figure out, eventually. XD
Anyway, this week I worked toward the completion of the noble quest. I think the puzzles are fun, and the characters interesting, so I am pleased with how it's coming along. I am trying to keep each individual quest given by a noble short and simple, but some of them should still provide a challenge, and some insight in the NPCs themselves. There is still more to be done, but I expanded the castle, completed 3 quests added a new scene and more, so things are going well. ^_^
I'll probably get back to Carla the first few days of this week, so I can mark it off my list (I switched to the noble quest mainly because I had plans for it since a while ago, so it was easier to make progress), and hopefully I'll finish both that and the noble quest.
If I find myself ahead of schedule, I might finally implement some system changes to how I handle late night (so we can sleep outside of our house), and if that goes well, I'll add the restrictions to travel in chapter 2 properly, so you'll need to get the merchant pass or pay an hefty fee to travel by sea. I'll have to decide how to handle a few things (like skipping payments to the farm, or if I want to have different exhibtionist events depending on the city, how should I handle the vampire scenes, etc), and I might consider adding dreams to the game (if I do, I'll probably have to force some kind of "priority list" so we don't get tons of events each night).
Anyway, this is pretty much it for the moment, do let me know what you think about it in the comments, thanks to everyone for the support, and as always, see you next week! ^_^

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