Monday, April 09, 2018

Placid weeks are the best

So I finished the quest, and wrote 2 scenes for the Queen of Hearts VIP area (so we have something interactive there, at least). One of the two scenes will also get featured in the fantasy list for your masturbation options.
I did some more work for a few maps, and started working on the meeting with the king. Once the meeting is done, we'll have the first part of this path done, although we still need you to earn the votes (as I mentioned in a previous dev blog). Nothing particularly fancy happened this time around (although I had to work on some nice cutscenes for the quest, which hopefully will work to transmit the proper atmosphere, and those can take a lot of time).
I'll probably do some basic closed testing before the release proper, since there are a lot of small things here and there which could go wrong, and I'd like some feedback before I present it to all the Patrons, but it won't affect the release schedule (hopefully what I add afterward won't have any major issues).
This is it for today, see you in a week! ^_^

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