Monday, April 16, 2018

Forgetful Dev, best dev?

I kind of forgot about writing this before going to bed. XD
Anyway, I finished the intro scene to the noble path (just need a handful of changes), and wrote a couple of scenes for the "aftermath" to Sonya's hypno path. Now you get two random scenes that can happen when you use the fast travel system at night. You find yourself outside of the Queen of Hearts without really knowing how, and then the scenes trigger. They involve working as one of Sonya's girls in the VIP area.
Other than that, I have been doing some closed testing, to improve the quest a bit, and fix any possible issues (as well as test what had been added up to that point). I think I'll release the new update around the 20th, so I can make up for some of the time I lost in the early weeks, when I had to deal with my personal issues.
Anyway, this should be it for now, so look forward to the release! ^_^

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