Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Some habits never change!

I ended up being busy with some IRL stuff, and then I completely forgot to write this yesterday, so my apologies for that.

As for what I did, I worked on the mouse-less system for spellcasting (I need another proper round of testing from the people helping me, but I think I should be done now).

I finished working on the mail system. I actually found a good script, so I just had to edit it and then put it in the game properly (as well as add some starting letters). I'll need to write a few more of those, to test it and also to make some communications easier, but it works just fine already.

I did finish the whole tattoos and piercings stuff (look forward to some preview for the new art of this month soon), the choices are a bit meager, (2 types of nipple piercings, 3 nose piercings, one belly button piercing), but compared to before, it's already a step up. If only I had planned for this better when I started working on the game, things would be much easier, instead I am forced to gut old systems and replace them with more adequate ones from time to time, but I guess this is a lesson for the future.

I have started working on a new quest. You'll finally be able to investigate the Zanti family shady business... Unless you are already their slave, in which case, you'll help cover it up. It's not finished yet, but I think it will be fun. :)

That's all for today! As always, let me know if I am forgetting something. Also, I can't remember if I mentioned it here, but I have plans for a FAQ and a help page on the Patreon. If you have any suggestions for those, let me know. See you next week! ^_^

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