Monday, November 27, 2017

This is but the first chapter!

So, this time around I have been working on finally implementing the "chapters system" I mentioned before, to give the game some pacing and the time flow a bit more structure. For the most part, this will just mean that some quests will appear only after you reach a certain chapter, but not before (all the quests so far will be available from the beginning, as usual). On some occasions, I might disable a quest if you haven't finished it yet, so that I can "gate" the logic of the game a bit.
For example, let's say I want a quest to be available only after you finish another one. If that's all there is to it, then it's easy, but what if I want the quest giver (who happens to be a noble) kidnapped? Basically I want a general clock for story events, and I want it tied to big advancements in the plot (specifically, completing temples).
Generally speaking, I'll always try to avoid making old content unreachable, but I feel like this isn't possible 100% of the times. The chapter won't just advance on its own, and will need you to take a break in your uncle's study to update your notes on the temples (will take a day to do so), and then we'll get new events to open up, new areas, new quests, etc.).
In practice, I now keep track of temple completion on a specific variable, and I added a new interactive spot in the study. I also added some changes which trigger as we get to chapter 2 (for example, if you didn't take care of the slime girl, the lumberjacks will now evacuate, eventually, and we'll get slimes roaming around the forest), but I need to add more of them (I'd like a new job and a new quest to get done, as well as minor changes here and there).
I also decided to add a mailbox to your house. I think it will be a nice way to inform you when NPCs want to contact you, without always needing a cutscene. For example, it might be annoying to get Ariel to show up everytime at your house when she starts to have more content. With this you might get an invitation and from that point out you know you'll be able to meet them to trigger a new scene, instead. I'll have to put together a way to catalogue old messages so you can read them again if you want to, but it seems worthwhile.
Finally, I did some work for the new tattoos and piercings we are getting. I am not 100% done, but I think I did the most time consuming part already, I should be able to get some screenshots ready for the new stuff soon. ;)
I was testing the new interface without mouse, using a pointer to target spells, but I am unsure if it feels a little too slow, which is bumming me down a little, maybe once I get a second opinion I'll know for sure (I hope I didn't waste my time working on this one! >_<).
This is pretty much it for this week, nothing else to report off the top of my head. Do let me know if I am forgetting something, otherwise, see you next week!

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