Monday, July 10, 2017

Since I had forgotten to show this off earlier, I figured it would be nice to let people see what they can look forward to for the next update on my Patreon post (please don't kill me for not re-uploading the image here D:). As always, the artist is Redjet, in case you want to check him out! The HQ version of this image will be given as a reward to 25$ donors or above (without watermark, of course). I'll have to edit the Patreon page soon to reflect this, hopefully people will appreciate the illustrations as a reward (I figured it would be welcome, since RPG Maker has such a low resolution, otherwise).
As for the actual development, this week I almost finished the quest I embarked on last time. Since there are a few secrets and other stuff related to this one (and also because it's one of those "you can explore the location before the quest" kind of situations), it's taking a little extra work, but I think it will be interesting story wise, and the characters should be fun as well. I also had to tweak the layered system a little, to accomodate the other commission, so I'll need people help to check if things work as they should (hopefully I didn't break anything).
For next week I should finish the damn quest, and then I'll add some more content here and there where I can. It will probably be a rush to work on my list of unfinished or unsatisfactory stuff, so I don't have specific plans, I'll just try to tackle whatever can be worked on quickly, for maximum effect.
This should be about it, and as always, see you guys next week! ^_^

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